Book Renamed...A Selfish Moment

Posted on March 23, 2013
It took a while, but I finally decided to change the title of my novel. I had been calling it Everett's Jubilee since the beginning, because I couldn't think of anything else other than using the names of the two main characters, which also happen to give a hint of the tone of the story, but it always felt wrong.

So after much deliberation, I changed the title to A Selfish Moment.

Below is the new book cover...almost final.

Although I liked the visual composition of the first book cover, with the silhouette couple, it was too serious and gave an air of per some folks I surveyed on just the cover art and not giving them any details of the book.

Not what I was going for.

The title itself, I've been told, is intriguing, but hopefully the light-heartedness of the cover will give folks a sense of the love story. Lots of drama, but nothing really scandalous or salacious. work on the book page...

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