Let the nail-biting begin!

Posted on May 11, 2013
I just finished clicking on the submit button on the Kindle Direct Publishing site for A Selfish Moment. I'm nervous for several reason:
  1. It's a switch from the science fiction genre that I started off with. Not sure this was a good move professionally, but my heart and mind concocted this romantic comedy into book form.  I just had to write it.
  2. It's a single book, not a potential series like Dramani. Maybe that's a good thing. It saddens me that the creative ride is over with this story, and these characters, and that now I have to switch to marketing and business modes, both of which I'm still a newby.
  3. Upon reading the success stories of Hugh Howey and other indie authors, and after visiting a crowded book store with piles and piles of professionally designed and edited novels, I wonder: will my story even be read? I'm still working out the kinks in sticking my head out of the ground and marketing the hell out of my books. 
  4. And, of course, I worry about whether or not my customers will love my story that way I love it.
I once called A Selfish Moment a "chick" book, and cringed immediately afterwards because I thought it was an oversimplification. I was talking to a guy friend who had read Dramani and loved it, and I thought if he loved Dramani that he couldn't possibly love this book too. They are two completely different genre and two totally different styles of story telling. Besides, how many guys read romance novels? 

But then, after we had changed the subject and started talking about politics or movies or whatever it is we usually talk about, I returned to him and said that the novel is so much more. It's about life's complex situations, finding love, letting the past go, life, death, realizing your priorities, and giving yourself the break you deserve. Yes, it's a love story above everything else, but who in their life doesn't want a little love?

After this, my friend said that, although he doesn't normally read "chick" literature, he would give my book a try. I guess we'll see.

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