Reading a modern sci-fi classic...Ender's Game.

Posted on June 5, 2013
In an effort to get my daughter into science fiction, I gave her a hard copy of Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card. My daughter is a huge fan of sci-fi movies, and loves them even more when children are the stars, so when the announcement came a few months ago about the movie adaptation to Ender's Game being released this fall, my daughter was pretty excited.

When I told her that it was based on an awesome book, she asked me if I thought she could read it. I usually filter books for her, especially those that are borderline adult or too edgy. She is only 11 years old, and there are some themes that I try to hold back, such as sex, violent crimes and too much graphic nudity. Although book are just paper and words, the 11-year-old imagination can turn words into much much more. For example, last year she asked me if she could read Twilight, and after reading it I thought it was too sexually mature for her to read at such a young, impressionable age. I don't need to speed up that aspect of her youth.

So, after she read the first two chapters, she had questions for me that I could not answer because the details of the story have long since been forgotten. I read Ender's Game in my early twenties...a long time ago. So, in an effort to answer all of my daughter's questions, I took up the book.

It's still as good as I remember.

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