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Posted on June 17, 2013
In the past three weeks, I have come across several occasions where people have asked me about my latest book. I give them my pitch, they seem to love it, and then I give them the details of my author blog and all the sites where my book is selling. It's a lot of information to remember, especially for people not in the writing industry, who only read books every now and then.

I thought about what I would have done if I were the recipient of all this verbal information from someone, say, trying to sell me a piece of art. I don't buy art often, but I'd love a good art exhibit...every now and then. Like most people, I would either forget the details or get it wrong. This lead me to my next step in becoming a true business...I need business cards.

This weekend, I was especially disappointed in myself for not being prepared. At my husband's co-worker's barbecue, I was asked about my book by several people I have known for years and others that I had just met.  Most were intrigued, and I was elated, but I had nothing to offer except words out of my mouth. They had to remember my name, the book's tile, my website, where it's selling, etc. We were there for a few hours, and talked about a ton of topics with different kinds of people, so what are the chances that the folks I spoke to at hour-one would remember my name, along with the names of the dozen or so other people they just met, especially if I didn't speak to them again before they left.

(Sigh.) Selling is a tricky business.  So, on to business card designs I go!

Above is the front of my business card. I happen to land on VistaPrint during their $10-for-250-pack sale, and I jumped at it. As you can see, I like the minimalist approach with my tiny infinity-heart logo, which is also my favicon for the site. The infinity-heart logo was sort of an experiment with cover design for Dramani, since it's a science-fiction romance series.

Below is the back of the card which I'm going to use to promote my current book.

So watch out Starbucks, Houlihan's, Staples, and other restaurant/retailers...I'm carpet-bombing the entire Northern New Jersey area with my info.

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