Finally...the title came to me!

Posted on October 12, 2013
Other than finishing that first draft and that close-to-morphine-inducing-feeling of finishing the final draft, very few milestones are met during the process of writing a novel. For me, settling down on a title is nirvana.

I've settled on a title for my latest novel, a modern day fantasy filled with magic, sorceresses, dragons, and utter confusion. I'll keep quiet on the actual name of the novel for now only because I see it as choosing a baby name for your unborn child - you don't want other people's reaction to affect your decision. If I choose to change the name, it will be for story-related reasons during the editing process and not because my 11-year-old tilted her head at the sound of it or because my mother thought it was "sweet".

I want to sit on it for a while, refer to my draft by it and see how it feels in conversation with close friends and family. Then I want to see it on sample cover format, in big bold letters, maybe cursive font, in a bold typeface, and maybe against a translucent background or a concept image.

And I wasn't trying to finalize the title either. The title came to me by accident.

I had started working on my blurb this week and was writing it up in its own blog post when I realized I had not yet finalized on the title of my novel. I asked myself, "How can I ask for critique on a blurb without knowing the exact title? At that very instance, the name came to me.  It was like magic!

For Dramani, the name took f-o-r-e-v-e-r! Even after following tons of advice I found online, I still wanted to rip my hair out. For my 2nd novel, A Selfish Moment, I went through several titles for long stretches of time. But once A Selfish Moment popped into my head I never looked back.

Of course, who knows what will happen in the next few weeks. If another book is published with the same name, which I doubt, then I might have to change it. Maybe, in the editing process, I'll change something drastic and render the title irrelevant or think up another "perfect" title.  But for now, I have something concrete, something substantial. I've reached a milestone...and now I can do my reach-a-milestone dance. (It's similar to the Macarena, but with a bit more hip movement.)

Writer/ did you figure out the titles of your novels? Please share!


  1. Ugh. I hate titles. Usually I call all my WIP's by their color (they're in their own colored binders for organization purposes) until I absolutely have to choose a name. The ones I have chosen are the ones that just feel like they fit right, but I don't really have a process other than avoiding the topic altogether.

    1. Avoiding the topic seemed to work for me this time too. Maybe that's the secret!

  2. That's a seriously unappreciated moment. The title is so important! I feel like it caps off all the work. Modern day fantasy with sorceress and magic?! Can't wait! Let me know if you need a beta. I'd love to help!

    1. Thanks Katie! I'll keep you in mind when I'm ready to send it out.