Humans of New York (a.k.a HONY) is really something....

Posted on October 29, 2013
I love it when a book or a blog entry has a real impact on my life, either because it changes my point of view on a particular topic or because it gives me something new to think about. A post is especially good if it feeds my insomnia.

This Humans of New York blog post literally gave me goose bumps, not because it was a haunting piece of fiction, or because it spoke of the sad state of foreign/economic/political affairs - it gave me goose bumps because the author' post has genuinely affected the life of a man's family, and that of an unwanted orphan halfway across the world.

All the negative news out there leaves you depressed, desensitized and just about jaded with everyone. Who can you trust? Where is all the good news? Where can we find some positive news that gives us hope in the goodness in people?

Well, this HONY post is definitely one of them.

The other thing that impresses me most about this blogger, Brandon Stanton, is that he still does what he started out doing even after his first book hits #1 just about everywhere. His blog is a homage to the diverse and complex people that make up New York City. He randomly asks people on the street for their photo, a small interview to post along with it, and then puts it up on his site. A simple idea, wholesome, genius, and the best part is he still does it himself (though I've read that he's hire a few assistants for managing content and whatnot).'s seems he has fun doing it, and I have fun reading his posts.

I grew up in Queens, went to high school in Brooklyn, and then college at NYU. Now I live right across the river, just 10 minutes into New Jersey, but my heart is still in the Big Apple. His blog keeps me home.

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