Posted on November 4, 2013
So, instead of writing about my NaNoWriMo experience, I am going to write about my NON-experience since I literally have had rocks and hurdles thrown at me this weekend. This is the first entry for WHY I DIDN'T FOLLOW MY NANOWRIMO SCHEDULE. Hopefully there won't be too many.

Excuse #1 - I cannot write on the weekends.

There are just too many things happening in my house, such as....laundry, cooking, my kids growing up, my husband not working (he works weeknights too), and we have family time together. So that means trips to the park, movies, eating out, etc. When we are home there is always a television or radio blaring and computer humming with videos or music. So how can I concentrate with all the noise? And there is always, ALWAYS someone asking me for something. "Like, seriously Honey (my husband), you can't find your socks? They're in the dryer....DRYING!"

And when one of my children is not asking me for something to eat, to do, or to watch, I sit at my computer anticipating the moment when they will come and ask me for something to eat, to do, or to watch.  I actually ranted about this over the summer, because I had my kids home the entire two months instead of enrolling them in a summer day camp of some sort. Why didn't I learn my lesson?!?!?!

So, I accepted the weekend for what it was, 2 days lost in the writing effort but totally valuable in my goal to spend quality time with my family. I can always regain momentum on Monday, right?


Which leads me to....

Excuse #2 - I am redoing my kitchen floors, starting today.

I had completely forgotten that I was going to spend a few days with the construction racket coming from the kitchen, clouds of dust seeping through the plastic sheets walls, contractors asking me tons of questions about my kitchen, and not to mention the dozen other things I forgot I had to do last Friday when I was starting the first few pages of my NaNoWriMo novel. I finally chose the perfect floor tile this morning, after visiting several stores in a 5-mile radius, and made some last decisions with our contractor. I covered our dining and living room with blankets to keep the dust off, moved our food for the week to our fridge in the basement, and did one round of dust wiping just before I went to pick up the kids.

So, for today, at 4 pm, I finally have some time to write, but the contractors are still here and my kids and I are crammed into our basement apartment (complete with TV and mini kitchen) with my son watching a rerun of Wipe Out. He flips and grunts like the contestants as he jumps all over the couch, which then bumps into my chair as I sit at the first kitchenette set my husband and I ever bought. (Yes we still have it, we're corny that way.)

My son when I write.
Hey! Is that a chocolate bar?!?!
Those of you with kids...you know how small kids behave when they think you're not paying attention? Well that's happening to me right now!!! It's like they know while I'm on the computer, writing, concentrating, I'll ignore the fact that they are jumping from couch to couch and making a huge mess. Doing homework my ass...these little monsters can't be trusted!

Just kidding. My son's not little at all, he's a BIG monster!

Anyway, as I listen  to my son ask me for the 14th time for something to eat, I will end this blog with hopes of picking up speed tomorrow, between 9am and 2:30pm, while the contractors finish the noisy part of the construction (yes, I asked them and they promised they would make less noise after tomorrow) and before my kids and I cram into the basement for the rest of the evening.

I'm going to kick ass in NaNoWriMo, starting tomorrow. :-1


  1. Tanya, taking things and packaging them into a schedule, like NaNo, is totally crazy. Life doesn't care about schedules. I don't care about schedules. Neither do kitchen floors.

    I think you're rockin it.

  2. Oh, and I forgot about the aftermath of construction - I was cleaning for days. But Nano definitely kick-started a project I had in the pipeline. Will I finish it before the end of the month? Maybe. Maybe not. I'm not stressing it anymore. But so long as the days pass along with the rotation of the Earth on its tilted axis, it will be finished . . .eventually, damn it! :-D