Thanksgiving, NANO, and a cut thumb.

Posted on December 2, 2013

The month of November was filled with kitchen reconstruction, unexpected days off from school, my first-turkey-for-20-people thanksgiving, and a lackadaisical approach to NANOWRIMO.

Dear was just not meant to be.

The month, overall, wasn't a total loss in my writing endeavors:
  • Almost done with the first round of editing of my latest fantasy novel. Can't wait to talk about it some more in December. 
  • More than half-way through the first draft of my urban middle-grade paranormal novel. It's a spin off from my short story The Soul Snatcher
  • Kick-started my paranormal drama with NANOWRIMO. It's going smooth, but I put it on hold because I literally felt like I was cheating on my other two projects which started sooner. You know what they say about can do anything, but you can't do everything.

Because of all the Thanksgiving planning, shopping, prepping and cooking, I had not written anything since the week before. So, of course, this past weekend I stood up way late, past the kids bedtime, and pounded the keyboard with a banded index finger and a cut thumb. (Dame those freakin' potatoes I peeled on Wednesday!)

So, with my fingers aching to do their duty, and with a burning desire to complete something...anything, I picked up a first draft of a short story I wrote in September and edited the heck out of it. Mark's Lucky Streak is about a young boy who learns how asking for help is sometimes a sign of strength, not weakness. Read, share, comment, and enjoy!

As for how my Thanksgiving turned out...I could not have predicted it more accurately in my last post, except for the sports watching. The footballers took over the television, and the soccer lovers were distracted by the wine. We finished 14 bottles of wine and more than half a 2-liter bottle of Patron XO Cafe Liqueur. No dancing since the kitchen was just too busy.

And yes...we fed the kids. :-P

One thing I didn't expect was that my first-time-ever Apple-Walnut-Cranberry stuffing (cooked outside the turkey) was absolutely fantastic. My hubby and I ate the last of it last night, with the last of the Milanes and Russian salad.  The turkey lacked a little flavor, but with all the extra food I doubt anyone noticed.  I don't even like turkey! I think next year I'm going to start a new tradition and just do an all-meat, Argentinian-style Thanksgiving. I doubt anyone will complain. :-)

Now, back to writing!


  1. Tanya, I admire you!

    I'm so impressed that you have done that much with writing. Who cares about Nano? You were so productive, and adventurous. That's what really counts, my friend!

    1. Thanks Katie! I've learned that I'm a loyal sucker to my WIPs. I just couldn't abandon them. Not sure NANO is right for me. Oh well....