Rivers of Living Water

Posted on February 24, 2014
Did you ever meet someone that dramatically changed the way you look at something? A few years ago I met Yueh Goffin, but I didn't REALLY meet her until this past summer when we both found out we were writers. And when I saw her work, her art, I was totally blown away.

Yueh Goffin is the author/artist of Rivers of Living Water: A Visual Harmony of the Four Gospels.

Now, I know what you're thinking. You are probably like me: totally uninterested in anything religious or in anything that has to do with bible study, gospels, books of whatever and whatnot. This is different.

Anyone who knows me knows that I'm not the most "religious" person. By that I mean I do not practice a religion. Although I was brought up Roman Catholic, I maintain an agnostic belief and teach my kids about the different religions of the world in a more historical context. We do not practice anything, really, but we do participate in ceremonies and rituals when asked of our friend and family. But not following a particular religion doesn't make me blind to faith and other's people's practice of it.

Yueh Goffin is a devoted believer and it shows in her amazing work and in her dedication to the continuous learning and teaching of the four gospels.  Her technique and her teaching style made me, a non-religious-practicing person, interested in the stories in four gospels. Crazy huh? And when she showed me her next project, which consists of mapping out all Jesus' travels as they are recorded by the gospel authors on her friend Kathy's hand-drawn maps with the same color-coded techniques used in the Rivers of Living Water as a guide, I was once again intrigued.  Below is a snapshot of two pieces that are still in progress.


In addition to being a Chinese calligrapher, lover of poetry, bible study teacher, and author/artist of this incredible book, she is also one of the funniest women I know. Her love of life is infectious and I find the hours pass way too quickly when we are in the thick of conversation. She truly is outstanding.

You can find Rivers of Living Water here at Amazon or you can visit the official Non-Profit Organization site http://www.heavenlybright.org/ to see samples of the pages.

Her personal book signings are coming up in New Jersey in March and April.

Saturday March 1 @ 10:00am - 4:00pm
Good Shepherd Lutheran Church
Somerville, NJ
Visit their website for more information.

Saturday April 5th @ 9:00am - 4:00pm
22nd Annual Spiritual Convocation
College of St. Elizabeth
Morristown, NJ
Check out their brochure for more information.

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