Complex Women Make Amazing Characters

Posted on March 31, 2014
You need to read this!
If you don't, you will be sorry.
Kate was a 'floater'.

She had me from line one!  Making it Home by Christine Campbell is a story of three women who find themselves at tough points in their lives and are brought together by a popular female pastime : shopping.

Kate is a kind and helpful department store clerk who assists Phyllis in picking "gifts" for her friends and family members. Taken back by her kindness, Phyllis invites Kate to lunch, and over the course of a few lunches Kate and Phyllis become close friends. When Kate's husband destroys her precious summer house, Kate leaves him and moves in with Phyllis. Her marriage is over...for now. Will she leave him for good? Will she go back? Will her husband even care?

Naomi is stuck in an abusive relationship with a man who fuels her insecurities. As a result, she becomes so malnourished that she faints in Kate's department store. When Kate takes her home and discovers her horrible living condition, one provided by Naomi's lover, she insists that Naomi stay with her and Phyllis until she gets back on her feet. The suspicious Naomi keeps both women at arm's length wondering about the source of their intentions. "Are you for real?" she asks Phyllis when Phyllis extends her invitation indefinitely. Trust is difficult for those who have been abused, and Naomi has a few sad stories to tell. She takes Phyllis's offer as a step towards ending the affair, but her boyfriend isn't ready to let her go, at least not amicably.

And Phyllis's story is also both sad and beautiful, wondrous and unbelievable. She is able to provide insightful humor, love, and shelter for both Kate and Naomi while dealing with her own personal issues. She shows us that sometimes people who seem happy on the outside suffer deeply within.

The characters are so rich, so complex that you can relate to each one, either in the way Kate slowly realizes her own faults that may have led to her failed marriage, or the way Naomi can't shake her low self image no matter what anyone tells her, or how Phyllis buys expensive things because it makes her feel better about her situation. You'll love them, you'll hate them, you'll want to slap some sense into them before giving them a great big hug. These women are all strong, weak, eager, anxious, ridiculous, demure, stubborn, supportive, hopeful...and they will leave a lasting impression long after the last page.

If you like Jennifer Weiner novels such as Little Earthquakes, stories about the trials and tribulations of relationships and the power of honest friendships, then you will love Making It Home.

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