Spoofs for B-Movie Blogathon

Posted on May 13, 2014
If you recall in my nomination for the Leibster Award post, I mentioned how I watch movies I love over and over until I know almost all the lines. Well, I found a blog that speaks to my heart, the Girl Meets Cinema blog. They are hosing a Blockbusted Blogathon, where we post our favorite cheesy blockbusters, a few scenes, and why we love it.

My first B-movie selection is Galaxy Quest starring Tim Allen, Alan Rickman and Sigourney Weaver along with Sam Rockwell and Tony Shalhoub.

Spoofing on Star Trek, and possibly any other future sci-fi or space opera project, Galaxy Quest has it all. Inter-species sex, lives are in danger, a militant lizard-like alien enemy who kills his own men, monumental space battles, and cute little baby aliens that will eat you alive if you have a limp or a character without a last name.

Guy: I changed my mind. I wanna go back.
Alexander: After the fuss you made about getting left behind?
Guy: Yeah, but that's when I thought I was the crewman that stays on the ship. But now I'm thinking I'm the guy who gets killed by some monster five minutes after we land on the planet.
Jason Nesmith: You're not gonna die on the planet, Guy.
Guy: I'm not? Then what's my last name?
Jason Nesmith: It's, uh, uh - -I don't know.
Guy: Nobody knows. Do you know why? Because my character isn't important enough for a last name, because I'm gonna die five minutes in.
Gwen : Guy, you have a last name.
Guy : DO I? DO I? For all you know, I'm "Crewman Number Six"! Mommy... mommy...
Alexander: Are we there yet?

How many Star Trek episodes have we watched where crew member John dies? "John who?" you ask. 

Another favorite scene is when Gwen and Jason have to cross an incredibly unlikely, totally unnecessary, over-the-top obstacle course of "choppy crushy things". The entire movie was worth watching if only for this clip below. It speaks volumes! 

But, lets not get stop the spoofing with Galaxy Quest. My #2 movie is Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. Fighting off the Seven Evil Exes with unknown fighting skills, wining gold coins at the end of each successful battle, and dating an under-aged Asian catholic school girl who knows martial arts, puts Scott Pilgrim on the top of the gamer/anime spoof charts for me.

After watching this movie, not only did I want to dig up Mortal Combat on my Nintendo 64, but I also learned that being a Vegan gives you powers. But if you break the rules of Veganism, the Vegan Police will take it all away.

Vegan Police: Freeze! Vegan Police! Todd Ingram, you're under arrest for Veganity Violation Code Number 827: imbibing of half-and-half.
Todd Ingram: That's bullroar!
Vegan Police: No vegan diet, no vegan powers!
Todd Ingram: But-But this is only my first offense. Don't I get three strikes? I mean...
Vegan Police: [to Policeman #2] Take it.
Vegan Police: [whips out notepad] 12:47 on February 1st: You knowingly ingested gelato.
Todd Ingram: Gelato isn't vegan?
Vegan Police: It's milk and eggs, bitch.
Vegan Police: On April 4th, 7:30 pm, you partook of a plate of chicken Parmesan.
[Envy gasps, then glares at Todd]
Todd Ingram: Chicken isn't vegan?
Vegan Police: [to Policeman #2] De-veganizing ray...hit him!

These two films, when watched over and over, become funnier and funnier.


  1. Thank you for participating in my blogathon! Galaxy Quest is one of my family's favorite movies; we've seen it a billion times. All of the Star Trek/sci-fi fandom references and dialogue never gets old. :)

  2. Hi Tanya, thanks for your comment on my blog. I love 'Galaxy Quest.' It is probably one of my favorite movies of all time. It's so awesome.

  3. Galaxy Quest is a classic. So many awesome lines.

  4. Galaxy Quest is a brilliant choice! Especially because the cast are busted at the beginning. Guy is my favorite character too!

  5. Two great, great movies for sure! How not to love either one?

  6. Both great choices. I like watching Galaxy Quest with Space Balls and making it a sci fi double feature spoof fest :D Matt @ JC's Book Haven.