Springtime, Godiva, and a Pitch.

Posted on May 12, 2014
I wish I was this cute when I sneeze.
Springtime is here! Yay! Ah...Ah...Ahchoo!

Every year I get the same allergy-triggered sinus infection that knocks me out for two weeks. Every year I try homeopathic remedies to no avail. Every year, after several sleepless nights and coughing-fit-filled days, I eventually end up in the doctor's office..

Every freaking year.

I'm finally on modern meds and feeling better. Home remedies...PFT!

So, in the midst of the past two weeks where I couldn't concentrate on any one thing for more than ten minutes, because nothing distracts you quite like mucus lodged into your sinuses just aching to come out, I actually wrote up the blurb for my WIP.

But before we go there, I want to offer some advice to seasonal allergy sufferers. If you're an allergy sufferer like me, take a shot of Godiva Chocolate Liqueur (or scotch/brandy/sambuca/.etc., your liquor of choice) on the rocks. It will clear your sinuses like no other OTC drug.

Suggested Dosage:
3 shots every 4 hours
as symptoms persist
or until you feel numb.

Do I have to add that you shouldn't operate any heavy machinery, your smart phone, or a remote control? No need to let your kids know you watch Nick Jr. when they're not around. Wally Trollman from Wallykazam ... he's the man!

On to the pitch. Critique and comment are welcome!

* * * * *

The Box of Souls
Book One in the Family Relics Trilogy

Even the darkest magic can't break the bonds of family.

Eighteen-year-old Jasmyn McKeery is next in line to inherit Grandma Agatha's magic. Instead of following the ancient tradition of passing the family magic to the next female kin, Agatha decides Jasmyn is too immature and resentful to hold such abilities and grants her powers to her eight-year-old sister Katarina. Neither Katarina nor Jasmyn knows of their grandmother's gift or of the inheritance. Agatha took her secret to her grave.

Their grandmother's death reopens old wounds and the rift between Jasmyn and Katarina grows. Through fits of sadness and anger, spells are accidentally recited and rituals are unintentionally performed. With the powers unbeknownst to them, the sisters release an indestructible nemesis from a supernatural prison and now the world in danger.

Feeling betrayed by her grandmother's decision, Jasmyn flees from her family and leaves the life-saving efforts to Katarina and her magic. But Agatha choice isn't exactly what everyone believes. Somehow, both Katarina and Jasmyn have inherited some of her magic, and now they need to work together to save the world from complete destruction. Can the two sister mend their broken relationship in time to defeat these monsters of darkness, or will their sibling rivalry be the death of them?


  1. I like what I've read in this review. The book sounds intriguing with all that magic and family feud. As for your allergy remedy - Godiva drink is one I would definitely tell everyone I know as it's the season for the sneezes. They'll love it, maybe a little too much.

    1. Thanks Michelle. Kind of makes you want allergies to have an excuse to drink it all the time. :-)

  2. I agree with Michelle. I think your pitch is intriguing. However, I did find the first paragraph a little confusing--in relation to the entire piece. Can you write something like: in a moment of anger Grandma thinks she will...

    1. You mean take out the whole "ancient tradition of..." and just state what Grandma does? It would be more straight and to the point, but I might lose the "tradition" part of it. I'll chew on this and see what I come up with. Thanks for the feedback Leanne.

  3. Actually, no. The problem I'm having is with the word 'decides'--in this passage: 'Instead of following the ancient tradition of passing the family magic to the next female kin, Agatha decides...' I having trouble with that word because then you go on to tell us that 'Agatha choice isn't exactly what everyone believes.'
    Instead of 'decides' maybe you could write something like Agatha appears to... or Agatha wants to...
    I hope this is clearer.

    1. Definitely. Good catch. Definitely going to work with this. Thanks for taking the time to explain.

  4. I'm getting over a nasty respiratory infection myself. I'm impressed you wrote a blurb while feeling yucky. It took all my will to get me to write my blurb while feeling well.

    Anyway, I like it, it's a good start. I did, however, find a part that was confusing. At the end of the first paragraph it says "Neither Katarina nor Jasmyn knows of their grandmother's gift or of the inheritance. Agatha took her secret to her grave." Then, at the beginning of the third paragraph: "Feeling betrayed by her grandmother's decision, Jasmyn flees..." I'm guessing she learns of the decision at some point, but it's not mentioned in the blurb.

    1. Something like "After Jasmyn finds out Agatha's secret..." or something similar that reveals the secret is soon found out. Thanks for the feedback Sarah!