Insecure Writer's Support Group : The Reflection Phase

Posted on June 5, 2014
I've finished the second round of revision to my Box Of Souls manuscript, and will begin round three in another week or two, once I've distance myself far enough from the manuscript to give it a good unbiased edit. I call this the Reflection Phase.

This is the time when I think about the overall story. What's missing? Did I get all the back story in or put in too much? Is the ending too obvious or not clear enough? Is the plot tight? Are my characters memorable, flaws and all? Lots of questions pop up in my head, while I'm driving or taking a shower, as I'm making my delicious steak fajitas with loads of sauteed sweet peppers and onions.

I make SLAMMING fajitas!
So how do I solve these questions? Aside from eating copious amounts of savory Mexican food, I keep a TO DO list of all the things I want to change or research, and then I put the list aside and go read something OTHER than my novel.

What the?!?!  You don't rush back to edit?!?! 

No. I don't. I need to give my novel a rest from my weary eyes and mind. My TBR list grows with each round of revisions and I have to tackle it full force, to listen to the different voices in other stories, to hear the chilling inner voice of a deadly assassin, to feel the passion of a war soldier fighting for his brothers, and to laugh at the preposterous behavior of charming idiots in a romantic comedy.

Nothing silences my buzzing thoughts like reading other novels. After a few books in, or until I've had my fill, I'll get back to my revisions with a clear mind.

What do you do in between revisions to clear your head?

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  1. I'm a musician, so I'll focus on my guitar playing for a couple days. Not long though. I forget what I write rather quickly, so it always looks new to me.
    Good luck!

    1. Thanks Alex. I'll probably forget in a week or two too. It's cool you have another artistic medium.

      I think I'll focus on movies too. The to-be-watched list is growing as well. Maleficent, here I come!

  2. l usually start a new poject. Right now I have three on the go. :-)

    Anna from Shout with Emaginette

    1. I've started a short story, for a very specific submission, but I always fear it will absorb me and take me off my self-imposed schedule. It definitely helps clear the mind. Thanks emaginette!

  3. I draw or paint or sculpt something. Or I just go out and do some gardening. But it's been a long while since I last worked on my manuscript. Good luck with yours!

    1. Thanks Al. My neighbor has a magnificent garden. She maintains it all. Puts my tiny rose bushes to shame. It's definitely an art-form.