Softball Season, A Greedy Sun, and Why Are Bleacher Seats Still Flat?

Posted on June 10, 2014
That's me!
It's softball season, and that means my daughter is busy. And when I say she's busy, I mean we're ALL busy.

She's on a travel softball team that tours northern N.J. to compete with other 12-and-under softball teams. It's so much fun for me, throwing a ball around with her, helping coach the other girls, spending the day in a park with the family and friends. It's pretty much the definition of Springtime for us. And I love that's she's now strong enough to really whip that ball at me at a high speed. She reminds me of me at that age, only she's way cuter.

All this is great except sometimes I get an unwanted sun burn and my hip hurts.  So let's start off talking about how greedy the damn sun is.


Although I was sitting under a tree during my daughter's double header and a scrimmage this past Sunday (that's three games, a total of seven hours) I still got sunburn! Yes, you can get sunburn if you sit in the shade all day long and stay completely out of the sun rays' path. But...those rays will bounce off the gray pavement, the sand on the field, the green plushy grass, the white mesh of your running sneakers, and EVERYTHING ELSE, and it will tan your butt off. I went home and spotted a pair of raccoon eyes staring back at me in the mirror.

Freaking sun.

Now let's talk about how uncomfortable bleacher seats are and why they are still made so flat? Park benches are ergonomically curved for easy sitting. Why can't they make bleacher seats in the same light? Why are they still flat? Why?

Now, I run 15-20k a week without any physical issues. My knees are fine. No back aches. I can plank for several minutes. Push ups, squats, name it I've done it. Nothing hurts when I work out or play sports. Nothing. I'm made of steel, like Super Woman, and I have a cannon for a right arm.  Give me a ball and I'll throw it so far....well.... you get the point.

But sit my butt down on a bleacher seat for more than an hour and my hip begins to ache. It aches from sitting! SITTING!!!*$&@#^@%

Seriously? It hurts that much? Yeah, like seriously.

I went to the doctor last fall when the pain started. I didn't know what had happened, my hip just started hurting whenever I stood up from a sitting position. Then the orthopedic surgeon asked me if I had been sitting on hard surfaces recently. It just so happened that my daughter joined the travel softball team during Fall Ball last year. Hours on bleacher seats. Hip Bursitis.

So now that Summer Ball has just kicked off, I have to carry around a Forever Comfy seat cushion, tubes of SPF 50+ sunblock, a sun hat / ranger hat / visor / umbrella / anything that will block the sun from direct contact to my skin (because I just might burst into flames) and a bottle of Advil to every game to ease the bursitis. Let's add these items on top of the cooler filled with bottled water, Gatorade, fruits, snacks, and other goodies.

Yes, I'm THAT softball mom, and I love it!

My kiddo heading to practice.
Isn't she adorable! 

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