Summertime, a Late IWSG Post.

Posted on August 10, 2014
My kids looking for shells at the beach
Ok, so it's summertime and I have given up on trying to edit my novel while the kids are home. Instead of forcing them to give me just a few hours of "quiet alone time", which is impossible because they love me to death, I've decided to join in the fun and play with these little monsters. No editing until school starts. Pool, park, softball, soccer, tennis...doesn't sound too bad.

I do, however, get those little sparks of creativity and have been able to write up a few shorts (check out Humanity). For some reason, those are a little easier to work on while my son jumps around my living room couches and pretends the rug is on fire, screaming every time he doesn't make it as if he's being burned alive.

"Roman, stop screaming. It's not real fire!"

"It's not fire Mom,", he says. "It's lava!"

Of course. Stupid me.

So, for you IWGS members, have you been able to stick to your planned writing schedule, or has summertime taken over? What do your kids do that distract you from your writing? Do you write about your kids craziness? (I've been tempted to. There's a lot of meat on that cow!)

See ya next month!

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