IWSG : My Son and the Tooth Fairy

Posted on September 2, 2014
What do you do when your son creates a beautiful letter for the tooth fairy and you forget all about it AND he wakes up the next morning feeling blue because the tooth fairy didn't come? Luckily it was Labor Day so we told him that nobody works on Labor Day, not even the tooth fairy!

He accepted our excuse, but he was pretty blue the entire day. Around noon, I heard him say, "I wrote the tooth fairy a letter for nothing."

It broke my heart. He and my daughter created a hand-written letter and an envelop made from green construction paper and covered it with soccer-themed stickers. I couldn't wait until the night, so I created a note and stuck it under his pillow. Then I and waited.

Eventually, he went to his room to bounce on his bed, something he does ALL THE TIME for no reason in particular, and found the letter. He was ecstatic! Horrible-mom moment resolved. I was able to continue with my day without feeling debilitating guilt.

So what does this have to do with IWSG or writing? Nothing really, except it took about an hour to get this letter exactly the way I wanted. An apology letter...from the tooth fairy. I thought I would pop this out in five minutes, but even this turned into a bit of work. My OCD got the best of me. Here are the two versions I created.
Version 1: Letter from the hard-working fairy.

Version 2 : Letter from the dragon-slaying fairy.

It didn't help that I had two critical editors: my husband and daughter. My husband was wary about making it sound too real and didn't want my son to start school with a bunch of cynical seven-year-old kids making fun of him in case he retells the story. My daughter thought the letter from the dragon slayer was cool, but she agreed with her father. Grade-school kids can be so cruel. We went with the first version.

Which version would you have chosen?

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  1. Aloha Tanya!

    I am *so* glad I'm a co-host this month, otherwise I would have missed this post!

    I soooo LOVE the letters and as a dad to three boys (oldest is 7:) I can absolutely relate...

    PS... you are so lucky it was Labor Day!!!

    Great saving-the-day moment :)

    1. Mark, I was TOTALLY lucky it was Labor Day! I don't know what I would have come up with if it was any other day.

      Three little boys? Please feel free to use the letters in case you forget a tooth fairy visit!

  2. Hi Tanya, I am so fortunate that I read this post. It is super. The second letter is wonderful, but the first letter is more believable because if your son were to narrate to his classmates the Tooth Fairy's story, it would be more believable. With your super imagination, you would make a wonderful MG writer.
    Btw..my first book was about a Tooth-fairy :)

    1. Thank you Rachna! I'm glad you liked them. It was a hard decision. If my son was younger, I would have given him the dragon slayer letter. I haven't tried MG much, I tend to write more adult thrillers and romance. I have only a few MG flash fiction pieces posted on my site. I do, however, love to write about my kids and their craziness. They give me tons of material. :-)

  3. Creative solution! I like the first letter best. When my stepdaughter's mom forgot the tooth fairy, she just gave in and told her the tooth fairy isn't real. I think she was 8, so I guess that's around the time they find out anyway? Probably around the time they learn how to Google!

    1. My son has been using Google for a while, Stephanie, but he hasn't Googled the tooth fairy yet. At least I don't think so. I hate that we eventually have to tell him the truth. :-1

  4. Aaah yes. The writer's curse. Nothing is just a "quick" write. :-D

    1. How silly was I, huh? It was so worth the extra effort. My son was so excited when he saw the letter. :-)