Updates on my WIP, Halloween, and It's All About the Witches!

Posted on October 16, 2014
So, a quick update on why I've not been blogging as much as usual, or been posting on facebook or google+ (let's not even talk about twitter/pinterest/knicknackery/hubujubu.... okay, I made those last two up. I just can't keep up with all the social media sites.)

~Update on my W.I.P. - Family Relics~

Calista, my muse.
I've been head-down-in-the-trenches revising my current manuscript so that I can send it off to beta readers. I'm about 3/4 done, and have started "outlining" the sequel. It's amazing what a few months of summer can do to revitalize the muses. I've taken a day or two off because I reached a pivotal point in the novel and I need to be fresh when I tackle it. Ergo this post.

My muse has been kicking my butt. Her name is Calista, she's the goddess of exotic milk chocolate, raspberry beer, and nightmares. Yes...nightmares have a goddess, and she's my muse. She's pretty busy, so I gave her the summer off, but now she's back and working my tail to the bone. Say hi, Calista.


Oh, I forgot, only I can hear her. Anywho... 


Normally, around this time of year I write a few flash pieces of scary fiction. This year, I'm drawing a complete blank. Calista is swamped with Family Relics. I don't want to drown her. Another reason is because I've become somewhat of a chicken towards horror stories. I feel like horror is everywhere, especially on television, and my daughter loves it. She actually loves scary movies. For me... horror movies/stories can only get twisted to a degree until I start screaming like a little girl in a horror story. (Was that a recursive statement or what?)

But let's talk about Halloween costumes. Last year my husband and I pulled off a very successful Tom Cruise and Kelly McGillis getup from Top Gun. I stuffed my brunette waves into a top gun cap, put on a white t-shirt and pencil skirt, and then pulled on a bomber jacket I've had for years. I applied red lipstick, rolled up the bomber sleeves, slid on aviator glasses, and carried clipboard with TOP SECRET stamped all over some formal looking text. Slam dunk! My man wore a one-piece flight suit... which I have to say was way more sexy that I thought it would be. Tom, er, I mean my husband looked great!

We'll see what we do this year. I still have time to...

What?!?! Halloween is only a few weeks away! <BEEP> 

~It's All About the Witches!~

In honor of Halloween, and because my current novel is all about witches and I love modern witch themes and such, AND I believe in the power of good juju, karma, and a universal balance, yada yada yada... I want to give a big holla to internet buddy and indie author +Katie Cross for hitting #1 this week on Amazon in Fantasy with Miss Mabel's School for Girls. I've read it. You should too! Her second book in the series just came out, Antebellum Awakening. I haven't read it yet, but totally gonna.

Aren't the covers ridiculous? I foresee myself harassing her cover artist in the near future...

And I found this cool wallpaper of witches... kind of inspiring, right?  Awe. Some.

Anime - Strike Witches - Wallpaper

So tell me about your muse(s), your Halloween costumes, and what your WIP is going through. I'd love to hear your stories!

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