IWSG : Introductions, and "Best Of 2014" Posts

Posted on January 7, 2015
Introductions (for new IWSG members)

My name is Tanya and I write novels. I have self-published two novels, Distant Origins (sci-fi thriller) and A Selfish Moment (romance), and am working on a fantasy thriller which is currently titled Family Relics. When I'm not writing, I'm running, doing mommy-type things, and improving my Yoga. I have two kids who are still impressed by my ability to out-run them, never mind that one of them is only four feet tall and in second grade.

I have a few meme's in life I try to live by and repeat often to my kids. They are:
  • It's better to be nice than right.
  • Everything, at the very beginning, is very hard.
  • With enough practice, you can do almost anything.
  • If you're not nice to me, you're going into a story. 
If you like to know more about me, check out my about.me page or you can find out more by hitting me up at Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram or Twitter. (Damn that's a lot of social media!)

So there you have it. Now on to....

Best Of 2014

On January 1st around 2pm I got online and traversed the countless posts of new years resolutions, and even made a post myself. You can read my 2015 resolutions here, if you like. It was entertaining reading other writers' resolutions, which were basically write more, read more, publish, publish, publish... and so on.  And, of course...exercise.

And then I noticed another type of post being shared broadly across bloggers and writers. These were lists of the most popular posts on their own blog sites. I thought this was pretty awesome, because... well...we are all in our own little blogger worlds, traversing the internet universe, some of us spiraling out of control not knowing exactly what to write about, some of us feeling like the Little Prince on a lonely planet and no one is reading our stuff... but the thing is... people are reading your posts. When you take time to actually look at the numbers, you get a wow-type of feeling, and you begin to appreciate the power of the internet, social media, writer's groups and all things in the blogsphere.

And you definitely feel the support from all of you folks reading this post!

So... give yourself a break from writing for a moment and just review your site numbers and maybe create a Best of 2014 list of your own. If you already have one, link it here. Below is mine, and it's all due to readers from groups like IWSG. You guys totally rock! Thanks for making 2014 awesome!


~ Best of 2014 ~
(based solely on blogger post page views)

Short Stories

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Author Promos

Never Underestimate The Power of a Determined Witch
Miss Mabel's School For Girls by Katie Cross
by Yueh H. Goffin


  1. Great to meet you, Tanya, and what a terrific idea for a post! I tend to think of my blog as coffee (in my case tea) with friends. I write what I want, and I never look at the numbers. Until this moment I never considered how thoughtless this was. Why would I want to write about things that hold no interest for readers? I'm off to check numbers.

    VR Barkowski

    1. This is exactly what happened to me! I saw a friend's blog where she put up her most popular post by type of post, and I thought, "hmm, I wonder which of my posts are the most popular?" I think next year we should blog hop this puppy!

  2. That is a wonderful way to celebrate last year and get a start on the new year! And BTW, did you read my list? It sounded like it . . . sigh. But that's where I am at the moment.
    And that last bit for your kids 'you could end up in my story' was wonderful. :)

    1. Well, that last meme was more for adults than for the kids, but they do give me tons of good material. And your list is no small feat. I'm totally copying one of your goals! :-)

  3. I prefer to be right, but to be nice about it.

    Now I feel kind of left out in that I didn't do any resolution posts, list of popular posts, or any kind of retrospectives. For that matter, I barely saw the new year in.

    Well, I can always check out yours and those of others. Have a great 2015!

    Tossing It Out

    1. Thanks Arlee. The "It's better to be nice than right." ideal is really important with the kids, who are quick to point out other kids faults in a mean way. It goes with "If you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all."

  4. I like the idea of adding a "Best of ..." list! Best wishes for 2015!

  5. Wow, what a great post! And what a great idea on the best of... When I have a moment I'll go back and see as well. I LOVE your memes and copied them to a post-it on my desktop! I really like the last one! Sorry it's taken me so long to get here from IWSG. But better late than never!

    1. Thanks Lisa! IWSG is an awesome group. I try to reach different members each month, but it does takes a while to reach everyone. Thanks for stopping by!