Absolute Despotism : An Indie Book Shout Out

Posted on May 5, 2015
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I want to give a shout out to Holly Brown for Absolute Despotism, the first book in her Supremacy series. Part political, part dystopian future, all thriller. The entire story is chilling, and left me thinking about the current state of affairs long into the night. Yes, I lost sleep finishing the last few chapters, as heart wrenching as they were. I suspect, and hope, the second book will do the same.

What I love the most about the story is how relative it is to the current political climate. If you are a current news junkie, or a former/parttime news junkie (that's me!), you will love the way themes are introduced through news announcements. Just like in the real world, when you see a headline on a website or hear a recap on a new channel, a conversation/discussion/debate occurs with whoever is in the same room. It happens all the time in our family, with our friends. Hell, my husband and I even talk about news events over turkey sandwiches at lunch. The news, the way it's presented in the novel, feels freakishly real - you almost can't wait to read the next outrageous headline.

Although I don't exactly agree with Abigail's (the protagonist) and Jack's (her #2) political views on every single topic, that didn't get in the way of being able to understand their point of views and struggles. If you're right or left, conservative or moderate, a donkey or an elephant, the story will appeal to you in the most basic sense. It's about life, liberty, and defining the pursuit of happiness.

So, if you like stories that question social policies and want a thriller that will keep you guessing, check out Absolute Despotism. Read it. Think about it. Give Holly a shout out at Holly's Website or Facebook Page.



    Holly Brown and I are actually real-life soul sisters, so the moment I found out that she writes and she's published a book, we formed an umbilical cord and have been in love ever since :)

    So I went into this book a bit wary, because I didn't want my love for Holly to overshadow my real opinion on the book. Didn't matter. It still chilled me to the bone. All her posts on Facebook do that to me now because there's an element of truth behind all of them that is a bit, in my opinion, creepy. :)

    I'm so glad you got to read it! I loved AD, but I think I loved the second book even more.

    1. Holly really has a way with her posts that make you think about the world. I'm reading her 2nd book soon. My daughter read The Giver and we started discussing dystopian futures and I told her about this book and she wants to read it. She has to get through the Giver series first, for school. I know she's going to love it.