Writing Book 2 - The Freakishly Long Outline

Posted on September 10, 2015
A better title would be The Outline That Never Ends. It's several pages long, and I'm just finishing about 1/4 the story.

I'm on a little writing high because outlining is kind of like making a list and I'm a total "lists" person. I work well with lists. Lists are my best friends!!! And now that the kids started school this week, I've been banging out scenes like a quick 10-year-old at a Whack-A-Mole game.

(I bet you were wondering what that doe-eyed-looking cartoon was. That mole represents a scene, and I whacked a couple of them this week already!)

But how to you control that urge that tells you, "Oh, oh, oh... I've got the perfect dialog for this scene!" and "Oh, oh, oh... I know how to describe that emotion perfectly!" or other aha moments that are more tempting than the hypnotizing scent of fresh sweet bread floating out of a bakery? How?!?! It's so delicious and mouth-watering I can almost taste it!

Well, it's a battle. I can't just tell my muse, "Not now, Calista!" (That's my muse's name.) So I free-wrote the scene in another file, named it appropriately so I can refer to it from the outline, and then moved on.

Waste of time? Not. At. All.

No writing is a waste of time. Outlining counts. Scene dumping counts. Hell, even my grocery lists counts! Which reminds me: eggs, chocolate, cookies, milk, bananas, chocolate, strawberries, chocolate syrup...

Plus, the goal of the outline is so that I can write free flowingly once I get truly started.

Another reason I am fully outlining Book 2 is because I want to have Book 3 outlined soon after, and I want to make sure the story ends with all loose ends tied up. It's all in my head, I just have to get it all out.

I don't think I'll go past Book3, but who knows how Calista will feel then. She's the boss-lady...

Calista, my muse,
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