Friday Celebrations, Halloween, Soccer...Busy Busy Busy

Posted on October 30, 2015
Time for Friday Celebrations. Where to begin...
  • Got everyone's Halloween costume ready for a party my husband's family is throwing tomorrow night. My husband's outfit was lost in Fedex universe for a few days. I started planning a backup "couples" outfit when the package came last night. Whew! Here's a preview: 

Can you guess who we're going to be?

  • Helped my daughter create a soft ice princess crown, because the crowns in the stores just didn't cut it. A trip to Michaels and some wire bending tools and she's set. She's got a simple shimmer dress and a cape. The rest is face and body makeup. Loving it.
  • Finished Chapter 7 in my wattpad story, Waking Up. It's getting hopeful, but you know what that means. Something devastating is about to happen. Stay tuned!!! 
  • Gearing up for NANO, although I only have just over half my novel outlined. Going to use this as a kickstart into Book 2 of the Family Relics Series. I'll finish it when I finish it...
  • And... the highlight of my week... my son believes I should be one of his soccer coaches. Read all about my intergalactic superhero moment post.  

That's it for this week. It's been busy, but busy is good. 

What are your costumes for Halloween? Any intergalactic superhero moments this past week? Please share! And..

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  1. Whew! Glad your costumes got there in time, and your daughter's sounds lovely. I'm still putting the last things together for my kids, and as for me. . .well, it's ugly Halloween sweater season. Good luck in NaNo!

    1. Thanks T! Nano is going to be tough the first week with kids being home 3 days out of 5. gonna push through...

  2. I'm out of the loop and haven't a clue about the costume you and your husband will wear. Really clever about making your own crown. I love NIY like that. I hope you all have a great time at the party! :)

    1. Thanks Lexa! No one at the party, except for 2 people, knew what my husband and I were. I expected that, but I still loved my costume.