Friday Celebrations, Children's Books and Board Games

Posted on November 13, 2015
Time for Firday Celebrations, or Celebrate The Small Things, a blog hop hosted by Lexa Cain and joined by many other bloggers. The point is to celebrate the stuff that's good in life, no matter how small.

My celebrations this week are:

  • I discovered Downton Abbey. I was just thinking the other day that I haven't seen a good victorian/georgian era movie lately. Bam! I find this. I've got several seasons to catch up with.
  • I took a break from Nano today to do other things like laundry, kickboxing, cleaning, and a bit of personal hygiene. Let's just say I went crazy and let the conditioner sit in my hair for 5 whole minutes! 
  • Not totally on the ball with Nano, but chugging along and NOT GIVING UP. WOOHOO!! 

Not too many things to celebrate this week, but cheerful nonetheless. Now on to... 

Children's Books & Board Games

I watch The Peanuts Movie last weekend with my son who absoultely loved it. I feel it was tailored to the generation who grew up with it, full of wholesome humor and sweetness, so of course I totally loved it. And then, at BJ's I bought this:

Now, I'm a HUGE HUGE HUGE sucker for a beautiful children's book with a sweet story and incredible artwork. My favorites are Monster MomaGuji Guji and The Tickle Tree, among many others I have on my book shelf. My son is starting to grow out of picture books, but I still get them, and he sometimes reads them. I'll admit, I head straight to the kids book section to see what picture books are available and see if I find anything I instanlty love.

Well, I instantly loved A Charlie Brown Christmas when I opened it in BJs. Here's a shot of one of the scenes. The picture doesn't do it justice. The artwork on the pages is gorgeous and the story is a classic Peanuts story - delightful.

And, since I was on a "classics" ride, I passed down the toy aisle and found Battleship, Connect Four and a delux Bingo set with a loud rolling cage that the kids loved. We spend a whole afternoon playing each of the games, and both my 13-year-old and my 8-year-old loved them all. These are their new favorite board games. Who would've thought?

~ * ~

Downton Abbey Nay or yay? Any fans out there?

Anyone taking a break from Nano to catch up with life or are you zooming straight through with blinders on? 

What are your favorite children's books and board games? Do your kids love them as much as you do? 

Have a great weekend! 


  1. I can't honestly say I've ever longed for a Victorian/Georgian movie or series, but I've been known to get crazy about other things (dance, figure skating, dreadful B horror movies) so more power to you!! Yay for not giving up on NaNo! Attending to personal hygiene probably isn't a bad thing. I wouldn't know since I've been woefully remiss in that area for months now - and my darn WIP still isn't done. Argh! Good luck with NaNo and enjoy the Abbey! :)

    1. Thanks Lexa! My husband can't understand my love for the genre either. He fell asleep halfway through the first episode. :-D

  2. That is some lovely artwork. I'll have to check out the reviews for the new Peanuts movie.

    1. The reviews are one and off, but IMDB has it at 8.1 which, in my opinion, is very respectable. I was worried that it would be too "soft" and not have enough action for my son to enjoy, but he loved it.

  3. Yay to finding a new series. . .although that can be dangerous too ;) I had to laugh at the kickboxing. I'm dragging a little on the NaNo front too. Too bad every missed day makes it worse. And yay to beautiful PBs! They are magic for children (and adults.)

    1. It is dangerous!! I watched two episodes last night before going to bed at 1am. I'm going to lose a lot of sleep over this. It's just too good.