Friday Celebrations & A Christmas Tree

Posted on December 11, 2015
Friday! Friday! Friday! Aside from it being the end of the week and not having to get up early to get the kiddos to school on time, I have other things to celebrate.

#1 - Although I didn't finish my NANO project yet, it's coming along. At the 3/4 point now and, although I know the ending I am carefully crafting it so it's not too obvious.

B - Got the next chapter of my apocolyptic thriller Waking Up on Wattpad. If you haven't checked it out, give it a go! I'd be eternally grateful for any feedback. And while you're on wattpad, follow me and I'll follow you back. There is always a need to read, especially when you're waiting on line at a bank or buying groceries or something.

Tres - My son is in a winter tournament in a few towns over and I have become one of the designated soccer mom bussing two other kids to the games. My 20-something self would probably look at me and say, "What the hell is wrong with you woman! You're a programmer, not a soccer mom!" And to that kid I say, "You know nothing Tanya Miranda." and walk away laughing hysterically like a happy crazy woman.

And X - The christmas tree is up. My husband moved furniture around to make room and rearranged the garage while doing so, and my daughter helped with the stacking of the fake tree. That's right. It's fake, but I don't care. I had a real one a few years ago and... let's just say waking up from dreams of your dried-out evergreen tree up in flames and burning your house down is not my idea of christmas fun.

And here it is in front of baby photos of both my kids as well as a framed poster of Vol de Nuit by Schuiten. It's one of our favorite prints.

My red walls really make the green stand out.

I love cartoon character ornaments. This year I got a snoopy ornament. But, it's not exactly my favorite. The hallmark ones all ran out. Here's one of a South Park character. It feels like a toy.

Kyle from South Park just hanging out in my tree.

~ * ~

Any holiday decorations set up this week? 

Put links to your photos in the comments so I can see! 

I love seeing the way other people decorate their homes for the holidays. 

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Be Happy. It's Friday! Time to celebrate!


  1. So cozy with the Christmas tree! And cute ornaments, too. We like to buy a new ornament every year. My favorite one is a frog with striped stockings. I'll post a picture of it on Instagram once we dig it out. The only decorations we have up right now are the Advent lights in the windows. I have no idea how to share a picture in the comments though.

    Cool about Wattpad. I have an account there, but haven't done anything with it because I'm intimidated by yet another time sink. I've been telling myself I should post my Hazel and Holly story there. Maybe I will one of these days. ;) I should hop on there though, if for no other reason than to read your story. Apocalypse fiction is fun. :)

    1. That's funny because I'm in the process of putting my Isabel & Leo collection back to blogger. I had two friends ask me if I had put up another Isabel & Leo story. I told them it was on Wattpad, sent them the link, and when I followed up they said they didn't want to download another app to the phone or sign up. They were waiting for me to put it up on my blog. I forget that not everyone is willing to download an app or sign up to a site to read my stuff. Not yet, at least. Here's to hoping! ;-P

  2. We used to take all 5 kids into the woods and cut down a tree for Christmas. Now, we hop in the car, go to the local nursery, pick it out and go to dinner. Much easier. Although, I'd never trade those wonderful memories for the world.

    I was on watt pad years ago. Maybe I'll hop over. Oh ~ I was a soccer mom too!

  3. My family always had a fake tree and it was beautiful. Don't listen to your 20 year old self - those kids know nothing. Yay for your progress on writing. I always have trouble writing the middle of my thrillers. You have to keep the action and tension high, yet be careful to only put clues so you don't spill the beans until the climax. Go you! :)

    1. That 20-something thought she knew everything. I guess we all think we know everything in our twenties. :-D

      The 3/4 mark is my hump. It's the point where the story can go either way, and you want to keep them guessing until the end. It's the part I rewrite at least 3 times, usually all vastly different versions. It's going to be fun. Where's the coffee...

  4. Yay to getting further on the NaNo project! We got the tree up this week, which is always a task. And how cute with that soccer mom thing.

    1. Soccer moms rock. Oh wait. I already said that. It's worth saying again!!! :-D