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Posted on August 3, 2016
I have yet to even THINK about making a book trailer for my Family Relics series. Maybe I'll think about it when I'm done with the series, but right now it's NOT on my to-do list. Since book trailers fail to move me, at least the ones I come across online (it's not like I look for them), I never gave it much thought for my books.

Anyway, here is the one and only book trailer that actually moved me to buy the book it promotes. It's a trailer for a cook book. A freaking COOK BOOK! It's called the Thug Kitchen Cook Book -- I can't even post the tagline because... well... you'll see.

The real-life, self-deprecating humor and the boat load of natural cursing made me laugh, and I felt it connected with me in a way no other cook book, or any book trailer for that matter, ever did.  Even the melody at the end of the promo is fantastic. I hummed it for a bit afterwards -- I guess that was their goal.

So check out the book trailer / promo video below for Thug Kitchen, and let me know what you think. And if you know of a book trailer that really stands out, that moved you to an actual purchase, please share it here. I want a collection to refer to if I ever decide to do this.

WARNING: There is a TON of cursing in this video, so if you don't like cursing, avoid it like the plague.

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  1. I love watching book trailers, but you're right about none of them moving enough to make me buy a book. But that could be more because I've already seen the cover and read the blurb before watching the trailer...in other words, if I am moved to buy it, that already happened by that point.

  2. As the only member of my family who curses like a sailor, this was f$#%ing awesome! I can see why this would make you want one.

    My daughter made a book trailer for one of my short stories. It's on my IWSG post this month. No promises that it will inspire you to buy anything, but I'm grateful she has the technical know how to make the darn thing. Yay, kid.

  3. I feel the same way about book trailers. They remind me of infomercials -- just trying to sell me something. I wanted to make some vids of excerpts from my books, but after downloading MS Moviemaker, I found out my very old laptop doesn't have the sound card, processing capacity, or hi-def that the program needs. *sigh* But good luck to any who can make one, whether it's about a novel or a cookbook!