IWSG - Self-Publishing a Children's Picture Book

Posted on November 2, 2016
There is a huge difference in writing/creating/drawing and publishing. Even more so for a children's picture book vs. a novel.

For my novels, after all the editing was completed, the ebooks were first to get published. For me, it was technically easier. No real page margins to manage, type-facing can be as difficult or easy as you make it, cover images guidelines are clear, etc., etc. Your book is under the mercy of a reader's device, so you make it flexible. You never want to restrict your reader too much by making your style strict and non-adjustable because, hey, those folks who like big fonts and line-spacing wont read your book if you don't let them change to their specification. I mean, that's what e-readers are for, right? Flexibility.

For my novels, I work on the print version after I'm done with the ebook because it just takes longer. You have to worry about weird page layouts and conforming to page margins. Type-facing is tricky, and you play around to see what works when printed. Your cover needs to be adjusted depending on the number of pages, and your images skew accordingly. Matte or glossy covers, cream or white pages... lots of different configurations that you actually need to see in your hands to know it if works with your book. For me, the print version takes longer because of these many facets.

But, for Monsters Under My Bed, I had to work on the print version first. I needed to see it in my hands before knowing how to change it for the ebook format. It's different than a novel. It's visual, and the pictures have to work with the writing. Consequently, the ebook has to effectively represent the print book and not the other way around.

And, I think, Amazon knows this because they actually have a specific tool to create children's picture books for kindle. Thank goodness for that!

Coming Soon!
For children five years old and younger,
and for children of all ages...

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  1. I've done a digital book. The idea of getting one ready for print sounds a bit intimidating.

    1. The first one was definitely the hardest. It gets easier afterwards...

  2. Very cool! I haven't put out any children's books, but I imagine it will happen one day. I've got too many awesome ones lodged in my brain. =) I appreciate the insight into this end of publishing.

    1. Thanks Crystal! I didn't realize self-publishing a picture book was going to be different either. Always learning...