Friday Celebrations - Editing and Book Covers

Posted on December 16, 2016
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I haven't posted in a while because I've been kind of in a funk. But, a few weeks ago I got my edits back for my short story collection and I finally went through them all. Book finished. So, now I have something to celebrate!

And, while my funk consumed me, I started working on the cover. Although I love the work by Jenny from Seedlings Design Studio for my Family Relics series, which oozes fantasy on the fantastic imagery, I decided to save some money for the harder stuff (like the cover to Book 2 in Family Relics series - Go Jenny!) and do the cover for the collection myself. Here is the not-yet-finished cover for the Isabel & Leo collection. I'm still working on the blurb, but the image and the fonts are pretty much set.

So, in the immortal words of London Tipton, "Yay me!"

Another big "YAY" moment is my editor finally returned my sci-fi book, Distant Origins, but this one is bitter sweet. You see, I had already hired an editor for this, and she did a piss poor job. But, back then, I was eager and self-editing was a new idea that hadn't yet developed into a process. So, after having accepted the edits and read it over for the umpteenth time with an exhausted mind, I declared victory and published. Except, there were errors. Lots of them. My sick-and-tired eyes just didn't see them.

So, fast forward 2 years and I finally decided to bite the bullet and submit the book for one final round of editing by Quill Penn who did an incredible job with my last two projects. They just gave it back with all sorts of corrections. So now I will read it for the umpteenth+1 time and hopefully make this the FINAL round of editing. Maybe not having read it for 2 years will help with the "I'm so sick of reading this" syndrome.

And now, for a little editing cartoon...

So, what do you think of the cover? Do you create your covers yourself or do you go through a designer, or hybrid like me?

And more importantly, what's your favorite chocolate? Mine are Godiva cookie/chocolate biscuits and Guylian's Belgian chocolate shells. Yumm....


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  1. I think the cover is beautiful, especially the color palette! Just make sure you have a license for the images and the fonts. I went hybrid for Bloodwalker and the publisher and I proofed it. A few months later I proofed it again and found about 20 typos. Then I proofed the final galley and found another 10. Argh! You can never proof enough, but leave a couple of months in between. Good luck!!