IWSG & My Attempts At Marketing

Posted on January 31, 2017
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Time for a post for IWSG hosted by Alex Cavanaugh, where writers talk about their insecurities about writing, publishing, and other related topics.

A different question is asked each month, where your answers are shared and you encourage others who are struggling. This month's question is : How has being a writer changed your experience as a reader?

This is an easy one. There are a lot of things that have changed in the way I read book and watch movies (both tell a story) ever since I started writing. I tend to focus a lot on plot and consistency, so when I spot a hole in a book or a movie, I do a fist pump like I discovered a secret that no one else knows. When things seem unlikely or unreal and the story is in a contemporary setting (not sci-fi/fantasy/horror/etc.) I shake my head.

Like, hello Lois Lane... there is no way you ran all over New York City in all that rubble from the buildings destroyed by Super Man and General Zod in those 4-inch pumps without losing a heel. I've walked and I've run in New York City in pumps, ain't gonna happen. And at record speed, no less. And how did she know EXACTLY where to go? Does she have hawk vision or Scooby sensors or something? Does she have super powers that I'm not aware of? No? Ok. Just making sure. At least mess up her hair!

Not that Man of Steel was such a great movie that I would have loved it if ONLY I wasn't a writer, but come on... try a little.

And what is up with these YA novels with no parents? That is way inconsistent with real life. Parents are everywhere, or at least a parent-type figure. Most of us have parents in our lives today, as adults, and it's way less than when we were teenagers. Some people have multiple sets of parents. Whenever I read a story where parents are completely out of the picture because they are "too busy with their careers" to notice their kid is turning into a vampire/werewolf/zombie/faerie/etc., or are going on a month-long vacation which is just the right amount of time to complete the story, and then they come back to a nothing-happened-nothing-changed family life, I cringe. In what world does this actually happen? Where are all the grown ups?

It's somewhat of a joy-kill. As Mary Shelley said, ignorance is bliss.

Now For My Attempts at Marketing...

This is the part of self publishing that I truly hate. Marketing. I might have posted about this before, so I won't go into why I hate it. I just do. Ironically, I love technically creating meme's and banners and stuff like that. I actually love the technical part of self publishing. Formatting images, creating kindle compressed zips with all necessary files -- they are basically small web pages, and I come from a programming background, so for me it's like home. I know there's the direct word-file-upload way, but I just like getting more technical about the whole process and having full control.

Here are the latest pieces I've created to try and promote Isabel & Leo, my short story collection. Aside from posting them on social media, I've done little to promote this. I'll explain my theory as to why later.

Playful meme with quotes from one of the stories.

A more endearing meme with a quote
from another story in the collection

Social Media banner for Facebook, Twitter, etc. 

But seriously, I hate posting up on Facebook or Google+ or Twitter or anywhere to "COME BUY MY BOOK!" It's like I was born with the anti-sales gene. You know how some people are just natural athletes and some are not. And some just hate sports. Similar to that, I think people are born natural salesmen, and some, like me, are not. And some of us hate selling.


Here goes...

Isabel & Leo
A short story collection about love, family,
and a couple that shoots Nerf guns like military snipers.
Usually at each other.
Sometimes at their kids.


Anyone else in this boat? What do you do about it? What advice can you offer to I'd-rather-hide-under-a-rock-that-market-my-book writers like me? Any advice would be awesome!

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  1. Love your images and I think you rock at marketing, but I know what you mean. When people I know started asking me about the book I released I said, "Well, it's about a girl who finds out she's part-angel...and well, you might think it's dumb. It's fantasy. Your daughter wants to read it? Great! But I do have the word "ass" in it, and there's kissing, so...maybe not?" Wow...talk about not having the sales gene! ;) Christy

    1. OMG, that made me laugh. I've done that. I had to warn my cousin to NOT read The Box Of Souls to his 9-year-old son because of the tense family themes and deaths. He thought I was writing something along the likes of Harry Potter. :-D

  2. I know exactly what you mean. I despise marketing because I'm happier being the one who watches. I don't like waving a flag for others to come watch me. But, I just bought you book. Why? I like the blurb about parents shooting the nerf gun at each other and especially at their kids. I'd like to shoot my kids sometimes too, ahem, with a nerf gun, or super soaker. Or even a good snowball on the rump. Because they totally deserve it and will retaliate with vigor.

    1. Thank you Tamara! Surprisingly, not many parents shoot water guns at their kids. I mean, if anyone ever deserved to be super soaked...