My Books

Isabel & Leo
Short Stories

A collection of short stories about love, family, and a couple that shoots Nerf guns like military snipers. Usually at each other. Sometimes at their kids.

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The Box Of Souls

Although she was overlooked to inherit her grandmother's magic, Jasmyn learns she has powers of her own. Resentment and envy are a dangerous pair, but when doused with magic, the chaos it creates is unimaginable.

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A Selfish Moment

Jubilee is a blackout drunk.
Everett is drunk with love.
Can Jubilee remember their perfect evening together? 
Will Everett wait and see?

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Distant Origins

Can Sarah Winters save the only other surviving Dramani female on Earth, or will she be the last of her kind? Only her powerful telekinetic ability can stop the destruction of her species, but is it enough to save herself?

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