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The Box Of Souls
Family Relics Book One

Although she was overlooked to inherit her grandmother's magic, Jasmyn learns she has powers of her own. Resentment and envy are a dangerous pair, but when doused with magic, the chaos it creates is unimaginable.
Isabel & Leo

Finding romance gets harder after so many years together, but Isabel and Leo make it work. Between sassy kids and demanding careers, heartbreaks and frustrations, a quick kiss or a love tap are sometimes the only intimacy they can get. And when the moment comes, they jump all over it. These are their stories.
Distant Origins

Can Sarah Winters save the only other surviving Dramani female on Earth, or will she be the last of her kind? Only her powerful telekinetic ability can stop the destruction of her species, but is it enough to save herself?
A Selfish Moment

A perfect evening with Everett is left in limbo when Jubilee wakes up the next morning remembering nothing. Over the course of a few days, Everett can’t find the right moment to express his intentions and Jubilee can’t let go of her past long enough to really give him a chance. Was that one perfect evening a fluke, or was it a preview of something greater than they ever imagined?
Outside The Lines

Outside The Lines is a collection of poetry and prose on love, relationships, family, fear, anxiety, death and all of life's wonderful splendor.

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