The Onyx Ring - Family Relics Book Two
The Onyx Ring
Family Relics Book Two
By Tanya Miranda

Jasmyn blames herself for her baby sister's death, and she's confident her family blames her too. Instead of returning home, Jasmyn joins her coven to focus on developing her grandmother's magic. Her parents' grief is too much to bear, as is a home without Katarina.

Logan understands Jasmyn's pain and respects her desire to live apart, but when he finds a way to undo Katarina’s death, he goes in search of his estranged sister. But his mission is interrupted -- an enemy clan of sorcerers claims Logan as one of their own, and a mysterious bond of an ancient brotherhood takes hold of him.

When an ancient rivalry reawakens between Logan's clan and Jasmyn’s coven, the violence it unearths threatens all they hold dear. And when opposing magical forces pull at the strands holding them together, even the tightest family bonds can break.

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Release date – July 1, 2018

Print Edition:
List Price: $9.99
Format: 5.25" x 8" Black & White on Cream paper, 222 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1732391901
ISBN-10: 1732391904
BISAC: Fiction / Fantasy / Contemporary
Availabel at Amazon and other major print book retailers.

E-Book Edition:
List Price: $4.99
Formats: E-Pub, mobi/Kindle, PDF
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