Pieces of You
Posted on June 18, 2014
Your bear-like hug,
The twist of your hair,
The way you laugh,
Your penetrating stare,

Your frown-y smile lines,
Your playful smirk,
The grays in your beard
That seem to work,

Your deadly sharp wit
And the occasional sneer,
Your bloody red eyes
After a few beers,

They way you love your family,
The way you forgive,
How you defend our right
To decide how to live,

How you hold our daughter,
And our little boy too,
They way you caress my face
As if I was still brand new,

Your insufferable moods,
Every scoff and scowl,
The way you let grudges go
And never throw in the towel,

Your defiant stance,
Your fist through the wall,
Your passion for us
Through the thick of it all,

All your achy joints
And your broken bones,
Every sickly season
I didn't suffer alone,

With all your merits and faults,
On the path or astray,
You fit me perfectly
In every possible way.


Image Credit:
Puzzle Matrix #1 by Susan Kaprov

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