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Posted on September 2, 2015
Sun statue in my garden.
A symbol of freaking summertime
This summer, my writing has slowed down considerably. I think I am going to have to work with the school schedule and take summers "off". I write in silence, and this summer I have had anything but.

So, I will write a little rant/slam poetry to commemorate the season. I call it:

Anything But Writing

Soccer drills in the yard.
Softball tosses on the street.
Daytime and evening practice and games.
Grandparent celebrations.
Enough poolside fun to justify the exorbitant fee?

FIFA Football or Call Of Duty on the tube.
Kids fighting for computer time.
Mommy I need this.
Mommy I need that.
Yes I can help you with the logo pieces under the couch.
And the paint on the rug.
And that new word you just found in that book.
The definition of religion is....

Book 1 released.
Book 2 to outline.
Promote. Promote. Promote.
Watch sales trickle in, slowly.
Back to something else...

Wattpad story chapters are in my head,
If only I can bleed words into a post with  my  mind
As I lay in bed at 4am
Too tired to get up yet too wired to sleep.
Blog ignored.
Facebook hanging on.
Google plus on the fringe of Google minus.

Renovations to my charming 100-year-old house.
Massive cleaning.
Loads of reorganization.
Boxes everywhere.
Feels like I just moved in.
Did I mention MASSIVE cleaning?

Clutter and more clutter.

Writing spot nowhere.

Thank goodness for laptops.
Instant French Vanilla coffee.
Moments of inspiration at 2 am.
And being able to function, somewhat, without sleep.


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  1. Amen Tanya. Fist bump for the book 1 release and outline-- well deserved amongst kiddie chaos! I love Instant French Vanilla too :)

    1. Kiddie chaos... That's a perfect way to put it , Sarah!

  2. Replies
    1. Let's not forget chocolate. I cant believe I left that out the of the rant!

  3. "Too tired to get up yet too wired to sleep." That's pretty much been me lately. :P Great poem!

    1. Thanks Sara. Not as eloquent as other poems, but it gets the message across. :-D

  4. Excellent job. Really excellent.
    Sounds a lot like my summer, but with only 1 boy. :)
    He starts school today. YAY!!!
    Best of luck!
    Get back to it!
    Keep moving forward!

    1. Ever watch that commercial with parents dancing down the isle of the department store shopping for school supplies, and the kids are sad, with the song "it's the most wonderful time of year..." Best commercial ever!!!

  5. Great poem, Tanya. Things will pick up quickly. Someone I met recently said such a great thing to me that cheered me up. She said, "Nicola it is what it is!" Life throws us curve balls and interupts our writing but "It is what it is" so don't ponder on it. Isn't that simple but effective. Wishing you lots of luck for future projects. Thanks for sharing and have a great coming weekend.

    1. It's a rant about my lack of writing, but not about life in general. I remember back to the days when I didn't see my kids during the summer because work was my life. Pool or beach trips were a pipe dream. Things are different now. Summers "off" are happy problems to have, even if it means little writing progress.

  6. I can so relate. Every minute is "mommy this" and "mommy that." Or "he did it" and "No, he's lying. He did it." Luckily, I had a break from all that when I shipped them off to grandma's for almost this summer. Which I also spent it, getting actual sleep, writing blog posts and poetry to submit. Now school's open, and the hectic craziness is in full swing. Sigh, "Thank goodness for laptops. Instant French Vanilla coffee.Moments of inspiration at 2 am.And being able to function, somewhat, without sleep," indeed.

    1. School starts next week for my kids, and I've already planned out my month. back to the daily writing routine...

  7. That was wonderful and I don't think there's a writer alive who doesn't "get it" and feel that way sometimes. I hope your inspiration sets it's clock for earlier (or much later) than 2AM! Try to get some rest and have a good weekend! :)


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