Posted on October 15, 2015

Today, I came accross this post by Derek Murphy, a defense against the attacks in the "War on #amwriting" and I was suddenly so pumped that I had to write this post. He gets it. He understands, and makes a pretty freaking eloquent statement as to why it is I still write in spite of it all.

“#amwriting” isn’t a bold declaration of successful authorship; it’s an acceptance that the journey is rough, the sea is choppy, the future uncertain. It’s recognizing and admitting that gee, writing a book is really, really hard. But we’re all writing books together, and it’s really hard for everybody.

I'll admit there have been times where I feel myself sinking down the thick quicksand that is writer's block, especially after this summer where I spent most of it NOT writing. And now that I'm working on the outline for Book 2 of the Family Relics Series, getting stuck after every scene, and forcing myself to NOT start a new project until I finish the 3 I have open, I once again feel that perpetual I-suck attitude. It's like I'm in the fighting ring with nega-Tanya and she's punching the crap out of me.

But, whenever I find myself wrapped in a self-pity blanket that cocoons me to a point of narcolepsy, and creates abnormal finger cramps that keep me from hitting those letter keys, so warm and fuzzy the embrace of the evil quilt that I begin to think, "Why fight it? Why torture myself into writing something that may never be a success when I can just give up successfully and call it quits and claim 'At least I tried!'? Why I ask you? WHY?"

Somehow, in that pit of hysteria, I find the courage to go online in search of inspiration.

And today, I found this little gem.

It's tough. We all know it's tough. If you're stuck in the same rut, take this little gem and print it out, save it, post it on facebook, twitter, or wherever you heart desires. Repeat it. Think it. Be it.

And then... go back to writing.



  1. Oh man, I've definitely been there. I'm pretty sure we all have. The pity blanket. I really need to burn that thing, but I don't think I ever will. That quote is great. It's right up there with my favorite quote by Ray Bradbury that has also become my mantra: "You only fail if you stop writing." I have literally repeated those words to myself when I've fallen particularly far down the self-pity pit, as silly as that might sound. Sometimes we all need a little reminder that this is hard, and it's hard for everyone, just like Derek Murphy says. Solidarity, sister. :)

    1. Solidarity, indeed! I love that quote by Ray Bradbury. I'm adding it to my wall. :-D

  2. Well, I haven't given up yet. I don't think I could.

    1. Awesome! Onward and upwards! In word count, that is. (I just couldn't help myself. :-D)


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