Celebrating The Cat
Posted on January 22, 2016
This post is part of the Celebrate The Small Things blog hop managed by Lexa Cain where we celebrate some of the wonderful things that have happened to us in the past week, no matter how small.

This week I'm celebrating the cat. Here's the backstory:This past December, just as my brother walked in through my front door, this black and white house cat strolled right into my foyer and started meowing. We kept it for the night, and then two, and once the temperature rose to the mid 50s we let it back out.

It came back the next day. The temperature had dropped again, so we kept it inside once more.

I went door-to-door in my neighborhood for a two block radius from my home in search of anyone who may have lost a cat. I put up signs at two local animal hospitals, and some posts online on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter, and even on some other sites where people search for lost pets.

Nothing. We figured the owner must have abandoned it. It's too friendly to be a street cat. I didn't have the heart to toss it out again.

After Christmas, in our most generous of modes, we thought we would get the cat checked out by a vet, vaccinated and neutered, so that we can prepare it for an adoption event at Petsmart held every saturday and sunday. Nuetered cats are more likely to get adopted, so I was told.

Have we gone? Nah. Too busy. Excuses, excuses.

So here we are... a month later and the cat is still with us. Custom litter boxes, cat toys, several dry shampoos, UTI infection with a special diet, and now we're dealing with territorial urination on the couch. Did I mention I just bought my couch in September? Thank goodness for Nature's Miracle spray. I need to buy stock in that company.

Where am I going with this? Oh right... Karma.

I truly believe what goes around comes around. Should I reincarnate into a cat and am abandoned in the middle of winter, I would love for some human to take me in from the cold, give me shelter, food, love, and some space to sleep. Preferably a snuggle bed, like the one I got him, because he looks like he sleeps better than me.

And, as my husband states, we didn't find the cat -- the cat found us. Things like this happen for a reason. He walked up our doorsteps. He was sent to us for some greater purpose.

What purpose? Who knows. Maybe to teach us tolerance, and to show us that there are more important things in the world than superficial goals. I mean, who needs to spend money on shoes or clothes, or own a piss-free couch when you can save an animal's life?

Well, I think a piss-free couch is still important, but is it worth throwing the cat out into the street so it can freeze to death or potentially be put to sleep in an overcrowded shelter? Nah.

My husband and daughter absolutely love the cat. My son is okay with it, but he still wants a dog, as do I. I'm swaying between indifference and loving it, between keeping it and giving it away at the next Petsmart event. The pissing on the couch doesn't help his case. Plus, I can't imagine having a dog while he's here.

So, this Friday, I am celebrating the fact that the cat found us. It has stirred up our lives, made us research the best way to <<fill in item here>>  for the cat, and made us aware of pet cruelty, overpopulation, abuse, and other issues regarding animals. Cat's have it way worse than dogs. It's sad but true.

He's given us purring moments of cuddling, and playful chases around the house with my kids pulling a simple string. Could he have been a puppy retriever in his past life? Maybe.

I can't promise I will keep him in the long run, but I will at least do my best to find it a good home. It definitely won't go to a shelter -- he's too much of a softie to deal with other territorial cats.

BTW, we call him Gato, which is the literal transaltion of cat in Spanish. He's pretty freaking adorable.

Happy Friday!


  1. He looks adorable. And how funny that he found you. Enjoy!

    1. He's too adorable. Many times I've tried to toss him out, but then that look...

  2. You've done a lovely thing to get involved and help "someone" in need. If there's a Karmic payoff, I think you have it in the bag! Good luck on the couch situation. I've always had female cats to avoid that annoying problem. :P

    1. The more I hold onto him, the more human-like he seems. I just wish I could walk him on a leash, then we wouldn't have to leave him alone so much. :-(

  3. Whatever happens, at least you'll make sure he's taken good care of.

    1. Definitely. We should have named him Mr. Softie. :-D

  4. It's amazing how pets can so easily become a part of the family and at the same time turn lives upside down. Good luck with the couch problem.

    1. He's totally turned out lives inside out. I have invested in a 10 pack of lint brush tape, and I vacuum every other day. Ironically, my house has never been this clean...

  5. How do you think I ended up with FIVE - the last one being found as a 5 week old kitten in the middle of a thorny bush in my garden? Cats do find you and they know who will help them and they bring so much joy into your life as well as trauma, smells, dead things etc so hopefully you will give Gato the life he wishes to have with you and in return he will give you a better life too :) Special Teaching at Pempi’s Palace

  6. Well, you might not be too happy about it, but I'm happy he found you. :) And I hear you about the cat pee thing. We have a boy cat that's especially fond of shoes. We can't keep them out, otherwise... yeah. And cats and dogs sometimes get along nicely, so you never know. ;)


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