Must. Write. Novel.
Posted on February 22, 2016

I've been MIA for a while, mainly because I am working on The Onyx Ring, the 2nd book in the Family Relics series, and I am into it like it's the best piece of hazelnut chocolate-filled croissant pastry I've ever had, covered in crushed almonds and hazelnut chocolate drizzle, served with a tall glass of whole milk.

I am so wrapped up by my WIP that I feel the world turning around me. My participation in Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social media outlets has been light because I want to focus. I've been avoiding them the way you walk by a delicious pastry shop while holding your breath so that the aromas don't hypnotize you. But, sometimes you forget, and before you know it you're buying a pound of pastries and a birthday cake (for no one in particular). Or, in social media terms, you've watched a dozen cute animal videos and read twice as many articles on Trump and Clinton than you normally would if you were actually researching the election.

And, isn't it wierd how social media seems to alter our perception of "missed" time? It's like we're measuring time in a Salvador Dali painting. If you miss one day of reading world and local news, you can catch up relatively quickly on the news that interests you. But, miss one day of social media and suddenly I feel like I've missed a week of updates. All this happened on the one day I was gone?!?! Nope. I don't need that anxiety.

Measuring time while on social media.

Sometimes time passes faster, and world outside along with it, when you're on social media. I feel like Percy Jackson and I just ate a Lotus Flower at the Lotus Casino. Before I know it, it's lunch time and I haven't a piece of writing to show for it. But, I did watch a few videos on how to cook delicious dinners in under 20 minutes, so it wasn't a complete waste of time.

So, I will continue to be a bit light on social media and on my blog until AT LEAST the first draft is done. Need to focus on writing, running, and taking care of the kids. Those little buggers need me every day! Go figure.

But, I still love all of you who take time out to read my blog posts, my rants, my wattpad stories (I'll try to keep them updated), and my shares of other people's posts. You guys TOTALLY rock!


  1. Yay! I can't wait to read the next book :)

    I feel you on getting totally absorbed in a book. Isn't it wild? I'm just starting to kind of pull out of it now myself, and I'm like, "Wait, what? The world continued? I'm so confused."


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