Posted on September 12, 2016
Wanting a little sunlight but given a dark haze;
Hoping for attention, instead getting a blank daze;
Desiring wholeness but receiving a tiny part;
Wishing for the finish line but failing to start;
Looking for an escape and arriving at a dead end;
Craving flexibility yet unfit to bend;
Fishing for consideration but swallowing disrespect;
Thirsting for communication with someone who doesn't want to connect;
Starving for discretion but withstanding full disclosure;
Dying for some control while losing my composure.


  1. I have felt all of that once. That is a well crafted, powerful poem.

  2. I love the back and forth structure here. Brilliant.

    1. Thanks Tamara. The structure mimics the struggle. I'm glad you liked it. :-D


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