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Posted on February 6, 2018
Time for a post for the IWSG blog hop, hosted by Alex Cavanaugh, where writers talk about their insecurities in writing, publishing, and other related topics.

For February, the following question was asked: 

"What do you love about the genre you write in most often?"

Although I write in several genres, I mostly write fantasy. Why? 

Because of magic.

Magic is intoxicating to me. The idea that things happen with no real scientific explanation, because otherworldly entities control rules that have deadly consequences, and because I get to define what those entities and rules are . . . it feels powerful!

Where else would I have this much control over the universe? And where else can I test realistic characters and relationships with these magic rules? In the Family Relics series, the protagonists are jarred at why they are chosen. A huge responsibility weighs on them, and they must follow the rules or more chaos will occur. How will they react? How will people around them react? How will their adversaries take advantage of this fact? And how would today's society behave with such magic at the disposal of a few?

Where else can I create this kind of drama? No where, except in my imagination, and in my writing.

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  1. I write fantasy too and love magic. When I write, I can pretend that magic, magical beings, and new worlds really exist.

  2. Magic is powerful and it's fun to create that powerful sense of being. Reading about magic is the best.
    Happy Wednesday!

    1. I like when magic is only a small fraction of the story, although a very influential part. I don't like stories when they are completely drowned in magic that there's no character depth or personal "human" or "normal" struggles. The sun is only a tiny part of the grand landscape of Earth, but a powerful one.

  3. Yeh for magic! I think the real world could use more of it. :)

    1. Oh Madeline, from your ears to ... whoever it is that can execute such a wish. :-D

  4. Without magic, life would be terribly dull.

    1. Like cookies with no sugar. Imagine!!! Just thinking about that is torture! :-D

  5. If only there was some real magic in this world. :)

  6. I, too, am fascinated by magic. The idea that crystals, herbs, trees, wands, amulets, etc., can unlock our magical potential just begs to be explored in storytelling--and that's precisely what I do. The Box of Souls sounds like a good read! Enjoyed your post.

  7. I love fantasy and can see the appeal of writing it. I hope to give it a try one day. In the meantime, keep doing what you do so fantasy fans like myself continue to have lots to read!

    1. A big fist pump to fantasy fans like you, Melanie!!

  8. Aha! Thanks for the detailed explanation of why you love writing fantasy. As a non-fantasy writer, I now understand the appeal even better.
    I really admire the fantasy writers who construct these amazing and unique worlds from scratch, complete with rules, laws, norms & values, clothing, food etc.
    Happy Writing!
    Writer In Transit

  9. Yes it's fun having control over such a universe. One reason why I love writing so much. Sometimes it's fun to mess with your characters too.


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