A Haiku : Rebirth

Posted on April 24, 2014

From the bright embers
Of life's pain and misery,
Your strength will arise.

Phoenix II by amorphisss


Read an A-Z entry titled Q is for Quitting at Keeping Up With The Pickles and it has inspired me. Life brings you grief, rejection, pain, and from that you are tougher, wiser, and somewhat reborn. Every painful experience produces a new you. So, you can either sulk in the past, allow it to fester, anchor you into the depths of depression, and rot you to the core...or you can rise from the ashes and spread your new fiery wings to embrace the future.

I've decided it is time to get up from the muck of sadness and fly!

The last few weeks (well, the last month really) have been crazy. I haven't written much and edited my novel even less, but this week I feel like something is stirring. Is it because beautiful weather has finally settled in upon New Jersey? Is it the cherry blossom trees that are full of cottony blooms? Can it be that taking long walks and soaking up the fresh Spring air has actually cleared up the cloudiness in my head? Could it be all the softball and soccer I've been playing with my kids? Who knows. Whatever it is, I welcome it with open arms!


  1. I like the inter-connecting lines, but the satori did it for me in this lovely haiku. The words are powerful and uplifiting to me. The image compliments it so nicely. Thanks for boosting me with this haiki and your post. Happy writing Miranda!

  2. Thanks Michelle! I'm glad you got a boost out of it. :-)

  3. Lovely poem. Every painful experience does produce a new you. I like to think that we are constantly being reborn. Who I am today is not who I was a few years ago, and that woman was different from the one a few years earlier. It's just how life goes. It's ever-changing, and we are no different. Nice post, Tanya, and I'm glad you've gotten out of your funk. Yay! :)

    1. Well said Sara...we're different but the same. Thanks for commenting!

  4. Reminiscent of the Phoenix, death at the flame only to arise stronger. I loved it!!