Remember Me
Posted on April 3, 2014
Don't think of me in deep sorrow,
Don't remember my last days,
Dry your eyes and take a deep breath,
And commemorate me in happier ways.

Don't think about how you'd hurt me,
Don't remember our last fight,
Cherish our first fanciful encounter
On that full-mooned, starry night.

Don't think of the moments you'd forget me,
Don't remember the nights I'd lie awake,
Revel in the nights you'd arrive
And the incredible memories we'd make.

Don't think of the doubts you'd wallow in,
Don't remember your distant embrace,
Relive the countless times I'd pull you in,
And the fears I'd soon erase.

Don't think of the anniversaries we'd miss,
Don't remember when we'd argue and shout,
Recall the times we'd make up and make love
And forget what we were fighting about.

Don't think of the days you'd watch me suffer,
Don't remember when you'd helplessly stand by,
Remember the days we'd race down the hillsides
Under the crystal-blue summer sky.

Don't think of me as you last saw me,
Don't remember my cries and my pain,
Just know, trust, and believe I am happy now,
And I will see you once again.


Image Credit:
Art by Rachel Bingaman


  1. Hope you feel better after writing that poem (good poem!). But whatever it is will pass and life will get better.

    1. Thanks Sonia. It's getting better, day by day. Writing again helps, kind of like getting back to a sense of normalcy.

  2. I don't know exactly what you're going thru, but I can identify with some of what u are expressing. Getting it out by writing always makes a difference. Hang in there, you are not alone, although sometimes it can feel like that. Sometimes, when bad things happen, there is no purpose except what we bring to the table.

  3. You know, sometimes it isn't the fact that you have shared your pain and the triumph over your pain.... it is that your triumph serves as a life line for someone else who is slowly dying from their own pain. Most people eventually move past the painful parts of life... some lose the war of emotional or physical pain... however, all of us can't help but respond to those who are brave enough to share the struggle and the triumph of the battle.

    1. I never looked at it that way Debra. Thanks for the perspective.


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