Dulce Is Home
Posted on March 31, 2014

My new home is truly beautiful. 
I bounce across a field of white tulips,
Under a crystal blue sky
With puffy cotton balls blocking the sun.
The wind blows softly against my cheeks
And lifts my hair in disarray.
I raise my arms freely
And spin.

My mother's sweet voice calls for me. 
"Dulcita," she says,
Standing at the top of the hill,
Smiling that infectious smile of hers.
Her arms are waving me onward.
I run up the hillside with both my bare feet,
With no help,
With strength I forgot I once had,
Laughing as I haven't laughed in years.


For Dulce
3/16/1952 - 3/24/2014


My mother-in-law passed away last Monday. Ten years ago she suffered a massive stroke that left her wheelchair bound and incontinent - a tough sentence for someone who lived a carefree life. 
A tough sentence for anyone really. 
During her bouts of despair, she would say she was ready to see her mother again.
I imagine she's with her now, and they are happy.


  1. What a lovely tribute. I grieve with you.

  2. She was only a year old than I am. Too soon. But maybe one day we'll pass over and realize what a heck of time we were missing. We'll look back at our lives on earth and think, Wow, what was all the fuss about. It's way better here.

    Blessings to you, Tanya. This poem spoke volumes to me. She's smiling down on you.


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