IWSG, Vacation Photos, And A Bit Of Line Art
Posted on April 5, 2016
I'll admit it, I did absolutely NO writing during my two week vacation. *gasp!*

When on a family vacation in Spain, it's hard to stay seated in front of a computer when the weather, fresh breads, coffees, and the kids literally pull you outside. And, has anyone been to NJ lately? Did Mother Nature forget that it's Spring? Thanks goodness I didn't waste a single day indoors. 
Since I could not write, I tried to get creative through photography. At every piece of scenery that caught my attention, I wondered, "Is there a story here?" or "How does this make me feel?" It made taking pictures more fun than ever. Below are just a few of those photos.


While on a run, I stopped and took these shots. It could easily be a dystopian society, a human-like civilization on Titan perhaps, or some elite city in near-future Europe? It's the City Of Arts and Sciences in Valencia, Spain. It's been there for years, but doesn't is look like it should be in a science fiction story?

For Easter, we went to Ordizia, Spain, up in the Basque Country region. It is breathtaking country scenery, as you can see in the photos below. The snow capped mountains surrounded us completely and created a sense of being in an laboratory tank, sustaining our own atmosphere and ecosystem through experimental containment that included gorgeous sunrises and equally stunning sunsets, while being studied by an outside presence. For this city girl, it seemed that surreal. Group that with family members we've never met before, and a holiday weekend with festivities... the trip was one we are sure not to forget. 


That last photo is of the mountain Txindoki (pronounced Chindoki) which is a popular spot for climbing/hiking enthusiasts. It seems close in the photo, but I was told the hike for "newbies" like us takes over three hours to the summit and another three hours back down. And that's along the far, flatter side you can't see in the photo. We didn't have enough time to plan a day of hiking, so I was left wanting.

Once we were back in Valencia, the rest of the week went by quickly with good eats, miles of walking the city each day, and lots of sun. There was one rainy day where we were stuck inside for a few hours, in our tiny hotel apartment with a single sitting room. While my son and husband watched a movie on our single television, my daughter and I watched Youtube videos of people creating line art. Then, my daughter fell asleep against my shoulder as she watched me create this piece.

Not bad, I think, considering the blasting sounds of San Andreas (the movie) blared in the entire hotel apartment. I zoned it all out and focused on the pen. It was pretty relaxing to do - like mental yoga.

And finally, while on the hunt for souvenirs for my family, I stopped at an esoteric store with devices for questionable smoking habits, and I purchase this gem. I'm a sucker for fairy statues, especially one with purple metal wings.

That was my Easter family vacation, and my excuse for not writing. Anyone else go away and have their writing interrupted by family gatherings, beautiful weather, and striking scenery? What was the most interesting thing you bought during a family trip? And, any writing done during vacations? Do tell...

Happy Writing!

Created by Alex J. Cavanaugh


  1. Those first photos do look like a futuristic society, and those mountain photos are beautiful. Sounds like you had a wonderful vacation. I don't write when I'm away on vacation either. Too much atmosphere to soak up and too many things to do. Love your line art drawing! (And the fairy!) :)

  2. Sounds like a fun trip! Love the pictures, those buildings do look futuristic. Your drawing is great and I love the fairy too! As far as excuses for not writing go, that was a really good one. :D I don't usually write on vacation either. I tell myself I will, but... yeah. Like that happens. ;)


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