IWSG : How to Write With A Cat In The House
Posted on May 4, 2016
For IWSG, instead of writing about releasing the ebook version of Isabel & Leo this summer, or Walking Up on Wattpad, or even The Onyx Ring (the second book in the Family Relics series) I decided to talk about how to write with a cat in the house.

It is that same cat that wandered into our home a few months ago. He is now our resident mascot. We tried a forever home with the stipulation that if it didn't work out then they'd just give him back to us. Well, it didn't work out, so they gave him back. We decided that fate, once again, brought the cat to us. Who is to argue with fate, am I right?

Hi! I'm Gato. This is my home where I let my humans live and take care of me...

The trick to writing at home with a cat is to keep him busy. So here are some things I've learned in dealing with Gato while writing at home. 

Keep your cat distracted - get him a toy.

A long black string it my cat's favorite play things, but when I can't play with him, he's got to find a way to entertain himself. That's where the cat tunnel comes in. Best toy ever, complete with hanging ringing toy in the middle. My cat loves it. He even falls asleep in it. And you get used to the jingles.

Tunnels!!! This never gets boring...

Hold onto those cardboard boxes.

Not sure why, but Gato loves them. He gets excited when the mailman hands me a box from amazon. He waits while I open it, and when I set it aside he goes nuts.

Oooooh, boxes....

Don't feed him in the morning until you are ready to write.

It's as if the sound of your fingers burning against the keyboard is an open invitation for the cat to sit on your lap. Ever tried typing with a cat on your lap? It's not easy when it's a 13lbs long-hair chubby wubby. My arms are only so long.

Your typing is an obvious indicator that you
want me to cuddle on your lap...

Feeding him gives me some time since he tends to lick himself for several minutes afterwards, and then he wanders about the house as if he's walking off the calories. A long cat nap usually follows, and mega writing time.

Let him play the piano!

If it means he will leave you alone, let him walk along the piano and hit all those f-flats. The hairs on the back of your neck get used to it. Usually, it ends with him scaring himself silly when he hits the low base keys, and then he hides for an hour or two. BOOM! Writing time!

This is Catcierto #5 in C Major...

Put the litter box far, FAR away.

The sound of shh, shh, scratch scratch, shh, shh, shh, shh, shh, shh, shh, shh, scratch, scratch, shh, shh, shh, scratch, shh, shh, shh, shh, shh, shh, shh, shh, scratch...

Exactly! It's incredibly distracting. And the smell can knock even the most concentrated writers right off their chairs.

It wasn't me! I'm too cute to create stinky odors....

Whatever you do, don't let the cat take over your seat!

For some odd reason, Gato wants to sit where I sit. He has his own bed, and a seat we've dedicated just for him, and several other spots he lounges upon, but he wants my seat. He wan'ts to be the boss. It's so bad he sometimes fakes a lap cuddle in the morning and sneaks behind me and wedges himself in my chair. I mean, you're not human dude! I'm the boss. ME!

Um... excuse me... this is my seat...

~ * ~

This post is part of the Insecure Writer's Support Group blog hop.

Even cats want their humans to write great stories.


  1. I have tried to write with a 13-lb cat in my lap. And when she's trying to shove herself into the chair along with me. And when she's using my notebook as a bed. And other situations, too. It's a good thing she's cute...

    She loves cardboard boxes, too.

    Great pictures!

    1. Thanks M.J.! He hasn't tried using my laptop as a bed yet, but I see him eyeing my typing...

  2. The hardest thing for me around cats is to not let myself be distracted and start playing :D

    1. So true! The other day my husband left his hoodie over the seat with the strings hanging over and I could not help but watch him try to get it down from the chair's back. He was determined. At least 15 minutes lost just watching him pounce. These guys...

  3. I don't have a cat, but have some of the same problems trying to write with my dog in the house. If there's a way to distract me, he'll find it! Great post, Tanya. I really enjoyed the pictures!

  4. OMG! This is absolutely hilarious! Your cat is so adorable, and I loved all the pictures and your captions. Thanks for the laughs. Great post!!

    1. Thanks Lexa. I've become his personal photographer! :-D

  5. Fabulous post. Your cat is a treasure.

  6. *laughs* this was a great post! I so miss having a cat around, even when writing. Have a great weekend Tanya!

    1. He makes me laugh so much, the cheeky bugger. I foresee my posts containing a lot of cat photos in the future...

  7. This is hysterical! What is it about cardboard boxes that cats love so much?

    1. I know, right??!! It seems cats loves them! :-D

  8. I love this. I don't have a cat, but I see plenty of pictures of people's cats getting in the way :)

  9. This is so cute, and so true. My cat Sally used to poke at my backside because she wanted my seat. She hasn't done that in a while though, so I guess she got the hint (only took a decade). And the boxes! My goodness the boxes... We usually keep several lying around for a while before we realize they're taking over (the boxes and cats) and we'll clean them out (just the boxes). ;)

    Glad you and Gato found each other. :)

    1. You mean to tell me I have a decade of fighting for my writing seat? Oy... The boxes tend to pile up, but if they keep him busy then I don't mind. :-D

  10. Welcome Gato to the Miranda Family! LOL :)


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