Friday Celebrations - Summertime
Posted on July 29, 2016
It's been a while since I posted a Celebrate The Small Things post. The summer has been busy with both my kids on travel teams and other activities. There hasn't been too much writing, as is usually the case when I'm with the kids all day, but there are other celebrations!

The summer softball season has come to an end. I want to celebrate how awesome a ballplayer my daughter has become. Since I'm in the dugout assisting the coach, I forget to take action shots. Here she is lounging before a game. This photo so defines her character -- ready to play, but totally relaxed about it.


My son's indoor soccer tournament will be ending soon. Along with soccer, he plays tennis a few times a week and takes total advantage of the deep end in our town's pool. Here's a shot that says it all. He can cannonball like a pro!

What form! What height!

My cat has a few celebrations too. He can do yoga poses in his sleep, find a comfortable spot in the middle of my daily mess, and he can fly -- or at least dreams about flying.

Reverse Sleep Cat Twist Pose

What mess?

I can fly! I just know it!
Yeah, I know, my cat's always sleeping. But aren't those the best shots?

And, about that mess... I've fixed it! My dining table is now a Lego building station. I have a giant chest that my husband's friend gave us from when he was a kid filled with thousands of Lego pieces. We are just starting to sort it all out.

The goal? To get to the bottom pieces that have probably been neglected for decades. It's going to be a while before we're done. I foresee a Lego City in our near future...


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  1. Congrats to your wonderfully athletic children on their accomplishments! Yay for sleeping and dreaming cats, and -- holy cow! -- that's a huge collection of Legos!! That won't make a Lego City - it'll make a Lego Nation!

    1. Maybe I'll start off with a Lego town. I need my dining table! Where else am I going to collect stuff I don't need?!? :-P

  2. Sounds like you guys are having a great, athletic summer. Way to go! I'm totally impressed with the lego sorting. We have a similar situation which I tried to sort a couple of years ago. But my 'helpers' lost interest too fast.

    1. We sort out a little bit every day, and build something while we are doing it. I can't make it a job -- my "helpers" would quit too. Hell, I'd quit. Sorting alone is no fun...

  3. My kids are not sports oriented, which is fine, but I wish I could get them more physically active. (Darn those electronic gadgets!) The weather is not cooperating. It's been hot and super dry.

    Sweet cat poses. We take tons of pictures of our older cat on his back asleep, paws curled just so.

    Legos are awesome. We have so many, they are in desperate need of organization (as is the rest of the house.) Never a dull moment.

    1. I lament my son's lack of willful artistic activities. Legos is the closet form of "art" that I can get him to do at will. Drawing, doodling, finger painting, playing a flute... I literally have to drag him to do anything artistic.

      Legos it is. I'll take anything at this point. On top of it all, he "names" his creations. It's a start...

  4. Ah! My son would be so jealous of all those Legos. Seriously. I can't imagine trying to get any writing done while being on the road. I think surviving would be enough. But hey, summer is almost over. Yikes! How did that happen?

  5. How are you sorting the legos? By type?

    Looks like you all have had a fantastic summer! Especially your cat! :) He probably found the paper mess to be a lot more comfortable than the lego one. lol.


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