IWSG : Writing Poetry
Posted on July 6, 2016

Writing poetry looks fun and easy
To those who do no such thing.
What's so hard about arranging a few words
Into melodious verses that sing?

It can be a child's story about talking bunnies,
A lovers' quarrel on a moonlit night,
A daring odyssey across ancient lands,
Or an ominous crow stirring up fright.

Whatever the theme of a poem may be,
There are rules that some poets follow.
And there are some who follow not a single rule
wind up with
VERSES that some
may not,

There are meters to choose, syllables to stress,
Defining a poem's timing,
And I haven't even begun to talk about
The complexities of rhyming.

Alliterations, symbols, metaphors;
The writer handpicks each and every word to express;
All the while she needs to make sure
That her house isn't a BLEEPING mess.

Writing poetry, short and long,
Can be a hair-pulling, scream-inducing feat.
Try rhyming with the word 'orange'
Or conforming to an iambic pentameter beat.

But, we slave, we torture, and find true bliss
When we write, erase, and recreate.
It's something in our hearts and souls -
Something we love, and something we love to hate.

If you write poetry then you already know
Of the joys and suffering I avow,
And if you haven't ever written poetry before,
Then, trust me, start now!

~ * ~

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  1. Wonderful poem!
    I like to write poetry, although I can't claim to be great at it. It helps me focus on word choice and rhythm, which sometimes transfers over to my fiction writing.

    1. They way you express something "poetically" can definitely transfer over to fiction writing. I tend to be a little more colorful when writing poetry, more risky, daring even, than when I write fiction.

  2. Great poem Tanya. Definitely captured the complexities of writing poetry. And I too find that I give more of myself, a deeper and more colorful way of writing in poetry than in fiction.

    1. It's the equivalent to dancing-when-no-one-is-watching type of freedom. :-D

  3. That was cool. I wrote a poem blurb for my short story collection. It seemed crazy, but it's the first thing browsers will find in the Amazon description.

  4. When I have written poetry, it's mostly free verse, just so I don't have to work so hard finding words that rhyme. And great post.

    1. I used to do free verse when I was in my twenties, when I used to go to these bars in New York that had open mic and people would read their slam poetry. But, for some reason, I have always gravitated towards more structured writing. Rhyming and keeping rhythms seem to come easy to me, and there's always the internet when getting stuck on a word like "orange". :-D

      But I get the freedom of free verse. You can express your raw emotions, the true essence of your ideas, without trying to conform to a set of rules that may potentially alter your intention of the poem. It is a true free form of writing.


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