Monsters Under My Bed
Posted on November 11, 2016
Let's celebrate all things big and small. This week, I have a big celebration. WOHOOO!!!

I have finally completed publishing of my children's poetry/picture book, Monsters Under My Bed on Amazon and CreateSpace.

I will not lie, I absolutely enjoyed creating Monsters Under My Bed. The little piece of poetry that was born from a coalition project over the summer triggered the humble artist in me. I've always written poetry, but never really anything for children. I've always loved line art, and I've always drawn silly characters, but I've never edited them or shared them with anyone except my kids, who of course think Mommy is awesome.

So, I never thought about creating drawings for a children's book. I never thought I could do it. I never thought I had the talent. But, when I created a poem of silly monsters, my hands began to itch. I had to try. I had to use the ink pens my husband gave me over the summer, and take a stab at it. I jumped in. I created a slew of weird little monsters. Loads. Some I scratched, because sometimes experimentation produces junk, and some I put into Monsters Under My Bed.

And with my knowledge of GIMP and MS Paint (which has come a long way since the 90s) I was able to edit my drawings and create scenes to match the poem.

My daughter says it should be a board book, but alas I do not have the means for that. I didn't even try to pitch this to an agent. I wanted to do it myself. The technical aspect of self publishing is what really intrigues me. Full and total control.

I offer two version, a 12-page Kindle version on Amazon, and an 8x6 print version with 24 pages on CreateSpace.

There is reason for the two version, and it's all about presentation. The words go with the images, and in a print version, the two pages are side by side because it's a physical book. For kindle, the words are on the same page as the images so single-page readers can relate the verse to the image. This cuts the kindle book in half. Is it better or worse? What do you think?

Print Version

Kindle Version

The point is, I did it. I have the printed version in my hands, and I love it! And, I am certain that this is not the last of my children's books. I just enjoyed drawing way too much...

Available at Amazon and CreateSpace

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  1. Huge congrats on your book! It's so exciting that you used all your artistic and writing talent and produced something so adorabley cute! You should be very proud. Woohoo! :)

    1. Thanks Lexa!! It's one of the first. I am already drafting the second one! It's addicting...

  2. OMG! I want a copy to read to my little monster! Off to buy it now. So excited!! Eep!

  3. This is fantastic, Tanya! Congratulations! You didn't think you could do it, and yet you did. You're an inspiration. :)


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