Goodbye 2016 - A Year In Review
Posted on December 27, 2016

It's that time of year when you reflect upon the past year's achievements, failures, and close-calls or almost-there moments. In following IWSG December posts, which, of course, I missed because I let life get in the way of my writing schedule, here are my answers...

What have I achieved this year?

  • I published a children's book titled Monsters Under My Bed, complete with drawings and images I created on my laptop. GIMP has become an essential software for me, and my experience in imaging helped me scan my line art into a full fledged children's book.

  • I recently published a small collection of short stories titled Isabel & Leo, which originated on my blog and I then moved to Wattpad. I've put most of the short stories in there, but new ones continue to brew.  

What things didn't I complete?

  • I didn't complete book 2 in the Family Relics series titled The Onyx Ring. It's outlined and all totally in my head, but I got stuck. I really hate myself for this, because the few followers I do have keep asking me for the next book, and I keep pushing it back. I initially wanted it out by October, however my children's book caught my entire attention over the summer. I blame my husband and the ink pens he gave me for my birthday that sprouted my monster drawings. They really are pretty awesome pens...
I feel like a real artist with these pens...

  • Waking Up, the thriller I am keeping up on Wattpad, is also not finished. I have it all in my head. No, seriously, I do.

What can I do differently on my writing journey in the coming year?

  • Stick to a solid writing schedule as much as possible. Life gets in the way, but you have to keep working...
  • And, when stuck, use drawing as a brainstorming mechanism. That is how I began drawing those monsters. Before I got the pens, I would get stuck and stop writing and clean house or do some other time-filler chore. When my husband gave me my pens I started line drawing with zeal whenever I got stuck. I was obsessed. Eventually the monsters found their way from my head and onto the paper. WHALA!
  • I will try to not be too hard on myself for not reaching my goal as long as I have something else to show for it. Although I didn't publish the two books I had planned, I did publish two books in other genres. Short story writing where the stories are intertwined, although not chronologically connected, is a new style of writing for me. It won't be the last. And my children's book... that's a whole other world of publishing. I learned a ton.

Did I create SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-Based) goals?

  • Yes, but I didn't achieve any of them. Although, I did achieve other goals that I created on the fly. There was a line I heard a long time ago from the movie Dream For An Insomniac that I always quote whenever I am in this position. "I never give up. I either get what I want or I change my mind." It's one of my life mantras.  

So, now what? Do I make new goals? Nah. My goals for 2017 are pretty similar to 2016 -- finish The Onyx Ring and Waking Up -- but we'll see what actually happens.

Have a Happy New Year!!!

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