Silent Inquiries
Posted on January 16, 2017

I asked the water crashing against the shore,
"Who wrote your soothing melody?"
It answered me not, and continued flowing
In from the depths of the sea.

I asked the cut grass brushing against my boots,
"Who designed the freshness of your scent?"
It answered me not, and emitted its aroma
Into the wind that came and went.

I asked the rugged mountains along the horizon,
"Who dashed snow on the top of your peak?"
It answered me not, and stood proud and tall,
Glorifying its mystique.

I asked the universe behind the setting sun,
"Who positioned the stars at night?"
It answered me not, and covered the sky
With swirls of twinkling lights.

I asked the pitch-darkness of my bedroom,
"Who concocted nightmares and screams?"
It answered me not, and lulled me to sleep,
Escorting me to my dreams.

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