Spring Weather & Poetry
Posted on March 24, 2017
It's officially SPRING, and that means softball, soccer, trail running, and long walks in the park, and bike riding, and flowers blooming, and no more scarfs and gloves and....

Wait. It's still 33-degrees outside. I thought Spring was here? What gives Mother Nature?


While a delayed spring means delayed soccer season for my son and his travel team and solid snow still blocking my driveway, the change in weather, or non-change, has no effect on my writing. I still procrastinate, except now I have more daylight hours when doing so.

But I do have a few milestones since my last post in February, so here we go!

  • We finally completed our poetry collection!! Dawn DiMartino, S.M. Woods and I all contributed to this, and we are up as of 2 days ago.  The artwork on the cover is original by S.M. Woods, and I absolutely love it. Check it out on Amazon!

  • It is quite possible that I will have a first draft of the second book in the Family Relics series by April. I've gotten over the hump a few weeks ago and I am finally on a groove. Don't you love it when words just flow from your fingertips? It's only take 18 months!! Freaking muse... 

  • I revamped my imprint site, Blue Dragonfly Publishing. I design and maintain websites for small mom and pop shops, and a few non-profits. Check it out, and see what I can do for you! (Sorry for the plug. I suck at marketing.)

  • I created a short story called De Colores that I truly enjoyed writing. It was inspired by a song I heard in a movie. I went to look it up online and fell in love with it so much that I had to write a story based around the lyrics. Check it out and let me know what you think.

So what are your celebrations this week (or month)? Written any short stories inspired by music? Close to finishing a first draft? Please, share. Tell me. I WANT TO KNOW!!!

Happy Friday!!

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  1. It doesn't feel like spring here yet either. 30 degrees this morning. Congrats on getting your poetry collection published. And it's great that you made it over the hump in your writing. Have a great weekend, and I'm hoping spring weather makes an appearance for both of us.

  2. We've been bouncing temperature wise and were at 85 degrees last week while being back to 57 today. Congrats on the poetry! Sounds like you're writing is coming along nicely.

  3. Congrats on the poetry collection! I think the cover and title match perfectly. And congrats on the first draft of the sequel almost being done! Things always take me longer to write than I think they will too. Usually twice or 3 times as long. Ugh. Have a lovely weekend! :)

  4. Congratulations on the poetry book. That cover is really cool. And congrats on (almost) finishing the sequel. Very exciting! As for spring, it's arrived here in Sweden, strangely enough. I've even started running again. You can be jealous now. ;)


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