Your Strongest Weapon
Posted on January 24, 2018

There are many ways to hurt a man,
With a fist, a knife, or a gun.
There are endless weapons that can be used
To cut, bruise and stun.

When confronted with an unkind soul,
A bully, or an incessant jerk --
Punching him in the face will quiet him today,
But tomorrow he's back to work.

Though he uses sharp words as a sword
To slice you and cause you pain,
Consider why he's targeting you,
And try to forgive him again.

Words are the strongest defensive weapon,
They can penetrate a man's heart and soul.
Your very own words can make a man
Feel lonely, rejected, and cold.

The man who speaks and acts maliciously
Will deliver temporary grief and sorrow.
The man who speaks of warmth and kindness
Enlightens everyone, today and tomorrow.

So, instead of instantly retaliating
With a vindictive or spiteful phrase,
Say something that will make him stop and think
And reflect on his hurtful ways.

And when words fail to mend his soul,
And he continues to spew fire and stone --
Sometimes silence is the most effective answer,
So get up and leave him alone.


  1. Awesome poetry! I used to write a little, but I bow to a master! :)


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