Good Intentions
Posted on June 14, 2018

With the media filled with horrible events happening all over the world, we feel helpless -- all our efforts to make this world a better place is for nothing. Some of us just give up trying and just fend for ourselves, which is a totally understandable defense mechanism. I'm not quite there yet, but I understand why some people are.

But we can't give up. As a society we have to still "do good" so that we can survive. I feel our good intentions somehow make their way into the universe and multiply into more good intentions. Good deeds begets further good deeds. Love begets love, and so on.

Yeah, I know, it's a unicorns-and-rainbows way of thinking, but if I can somehow help someone, put a smile on a face that has been sad for so long, I'm going to do it. And, hopefully, they will pay it forward. It helps me, personally, to know that there is something I can do for someone else to help out, if only in the tiniest of ways.

So when J.H. Moncrieff's posts about two of her author friends going through painful times -- C. Lee McKenzie and Brian Keene -- with suggestions on how we can help, I totally jumped on it. It prompted me to write this post.

I don't know C. Lee McKenzie or Brian Keene. I've never heard of them before I read Moncrieff's post, but you know when you suddenly get that full-body jolt that says, "Yeah, I can help out" . . . well, that's what happened tonight. So let's get to it.

C. Lee McKenzie

Without knowing anything about C. Lee McKenzie's situation, other than she's going through a family tragedy, the words "life changing in the saddest of ways" produced a heavy sensation in my heart. So, I'm going to help the best way I can, by buying one of her books, The Princess of Las Pulgas, and posting information on her latest release, Some Very Messy Medieval Magic.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Pete and his friend Weasel thought they’d closed the Time Lock. But a young page from medieval times, Peter of Bramwell, goes missing. His absence during a critical moment will forever alter history unless he’s found.

There’s only one solution – fledgling wizard Pete must take the page’s place. Accompanied by Weasel and Fanon, Pete’s alligator familiar, they travel to 1173 England.

But what if the page remains lost – will Pete know what to do when the critical moment arrives? Toss in a grumpy Fanon, the duke’s curious niece, a talking horse, and the Circle of Stones, and Pete realizes he’s in over his young wizard head yet again…

Some Very Messy Medieval Magic is available at Barnes & Noble / Kobo / iTunes / Amazon / Foyles / Goodreads

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Brian Keene

The way Brian Keene supported Moncrieff (stated in her post) is something that hits close to home. Believing a victim is a step forward in stopping sexual assault and harassment. Brian is a hero in my book. So as I read about how he's going through some tough times, it caused a stir in my chest. For Brian Keene, I can only donate to his GoFundMe page. I can't stomach horror so I'm not going to buy any of his books -- that definitely would have been my first choice. If you like horror novels, check them out on Amazon

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Sometimes, we want to help but we just don't know how, or we are not comfortable enough to ask. The only thing we can all do is give a little time/effort/money and dip it in good intentions. I hope these folks overcome their pain and sorrow, and that maybe my small gesture might have alleviated the weight somewhat. 

That's really all I can do. That's all any of us can do. A thousand small gestures and acts of decency can fill the universe with a lot of goodness. And maybe, hopefully, when we need it, the universe will help us out.


  1. Thank you so much, Tanya! That is so kind of you, and I know Lee and Brian will both appreciate it. xo

    1. My pleasure. Just putting some good juju out there...


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