Miles To Go
Posted on February 12, 2019

I've come a long way with many miles left to go,
I've traveled the land, both high and low.
There is still so much I have yet to know,
But what I've learned could only be learned as I go.

I've tumbled and rolled in a tide's ebb and flow;
I've climbed up steep mountains covered in white snow;
I've kissed under the moon's midnight glow,
And I've planted a beautiful garden to tend and grow.

I've also been battered by the winds that blow,
Skies thundered over my peaceful flower beds below,
Chaotic waves of the ocean pushed me to and fro,
And tornadoes twisted many a friend into a foe.

Earthquakes have cracked my rosy window,
Scattered rain has drenched my life's cargo,
And I've lost loved ones in the wave's undertow.
Yes... a broken heart is something I do know.

I never asked to wallow in dreadful woe;
I resented the world, and my head hung low.
But then... the clouds parted and the sun did show.
At the end of each storm is a new day's glow.


I've learned to... pick up my oars and continue to row
Down the river of my life with my past in tow,
Carrying my loves, my loss, and truest sorrow,
And after I've cried enough, I let it all go.

I'll wake up and face each fearful morrow
With a hope for sunnier days to follow.
I'll treasure each moment as if it's borrowed,
Because it is!
... the gears of time never slow.

And to everyone I pass, I'll say, "Hello!"
And shake each hand, and each name I will know!
And if I see you on my road with many miles left to go,
I'll smile, grab your hand, and shout, "Let's go!"


  1. This post is so beautiful, thank you for sharing!

  2. This inspires a lot of imagery and it is beautiful. I'm visiting from March's IWSG posting. What's up this month?

    1. Thank you Lisa. It is a very personal piece, I'm glad you liked it.


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